Add Location Data To Photos (latitude And Longitude)


awhile back i wrote how to take gps data and use that to make satellite maps. well, at least once a week i get an email or instant message asking if there is a way to get gps data in to photos, or out. it seems a lot of people are really interested in this. which is great, imagine being able to search the web for locations and seeing the photos or sorting your photos by where they were taken automatically. here’s an app that helps that along–gpsphotolinker can be used to save gps position data to a photo. the latitude and longitude recorded by your gps unit while you were taking photos can be linked, and saved, to the photos.

it’s for mac only for now, if there’s a pc version that does the same thing i’ll post it up. this is a great tool for all sorts of camera / gps hack projects, we’ll have some of those up soon here too.

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