Add Location Data To Photos (latitude And Longitude)


awhile back i wrote how to take gps data and use that to make satellite maps. well, at least once a week i get an email or instant message asking if there is a way to get gps data in to photos, or out. it seems a lot of people are really interested in this. which is great, imagine being able to search the web for locations and seeing the photos or sorting your photos by where they were taken automatically. here’s an app that helps that along–gpsphotolinker can be used to save gps position data to a photo. the latitude and longitude recorded by your gps unit while you were taking photos can be linked, and saved, to the photos.

it’s for mac only for now, if there’s a pc version that does the same thing i’ll post it up. this is a great tool for all sorts of camera / gps hack projects, we’ll have some of those up soon here too.

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  1. Love the concept!

    Photo Studio’s a PC-based software that does GPS-linking and other EXIF-manipulating stuff:

    Which I found when looking at this: : Details not only a GPS IFD for JPEG’s EXIF data tag but also describes a new data tag concept for images of locations.

    You can read more about such photo-taggery in this month’s Wired article here:

  2. Timo compiled a pretty good list of links around this: . His ‘time that land forgot’ project shows example Flash output from georeferenced photos: .

    Others in the locative workshops have thrown photos onto a base map with SVG ( ).

    When the Flickr API becomes available for handling EXIF data, I’m going to write something to automagically tag my photos with location from my wanderings ( ).

  3. i just dont understand how my phone with gprs support can be linked to my images taken with canon d20 (insert confused smileyface here)
    can anyone explain it step by step for dumbass like me?

  4. This was a relatively trivial task when you had a Digita OS digital camera. The Kodak DC260/265/290 were the primary examples. The Digita OS was scriptable and also ran applications (like a Doom clone!). Anyway, with a serial GPS receiver and the appropriate script, GPS data could be embedded in the photo metadata and/or watermarked on the photo itself.


  5. to add location info use the location stamper SW from its free and real easy to use, just go to the location where the pict was taken and drop the photos onto to them. For even more fun download the client SW and look at the world tru location stamped pictures, don’t forget to add your own! (Windows only sorry).

  6. Take a look at Photofusion from Topofusion. It’s the same thing for the PC. Assuming your camera’s clock is set correctly, it correlates image capture times to your GPS track log, and assigns locations to each photo.

    For correction, take a picture of your GPS receiver’s screen showing a clock, at the start and end of your hike. Then use jhead to tweak the EXIF timestamps on the whole batch until everything matches. Then, run Photofusion.

    (By the way, I promise, I know how to capitalize my sentences properly. This thing seems to be stripping caps from entries. How insulting.)

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