Movies On An Ipod Photo

ipod photo

here’s the ipod-photo-movie-hack that is making the rounds. some of you sent some emails when it appeared on g4tech tv’s the screensavers as well as a couple other places like /. it’s nothing spectacular, just exporting a lot of images from a movie and importing them back in. old trick, all the way from the newton days. you can of course get a real portable video player like an iriver. any way, at the end of the article is some stuff i’m working on with goggles + the ipod photo.

2 thoughts on “Movies On An Ipod Photo

  1. One of the poster’s comments in the linked article suggest Apple creating a iTunes Video Store and suggests that the iPod Photo is just a poor excuse to put video-output and a colour screen onto the device.

    I would certainly purchase or rent video content for my iPod Photo if it was available. Flights and long train commutes would be much nicer.

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