How-to: Mo-fi

mo better

take the idea of wi-fi and make mo-better, here’s a great how-to on making an access point that will any where with a cell signal all with an old ibook running linux, and a gprs based smartphone. it’s not a speedy connection, but that’s not the point. nicely done.

3 thoughts on “How-to: Mo-fi

  1. This one is nothing new or special. Hell, my phone’s manual has pretty detailed instructions on how to hook up any laptop with the right adapter… and if my Clie wasn’t such a crappy model, I’d have bought or assembled one for that. The big question tho, is why would you want to subject yourself to a connection so slow when you could easily find a public access point almost anywhere?

  2. Mmm, someone seem to miss the captain obvious check on this one… While its not a massive leap for “hacking” its a interesting setup, but its been tried before. Next: a guide on sharing your dialup connection over wifi…

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