Installing Windows Xp, Service Pack 2, With 1 Cd

installing windows xp, service pack 2, with 1 cd

integrating the service pack (the process is called slipstreaming) should be the way windows ships, but for now you can make your own…man, i could have used this 10 times already after i’ve needed to rebuild some of the test computers around here–install windows xp, service pack 2, with 1 cd. super handy, and worth the effort.

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  1. No offense, but this isn’t really a hack. It’s actually supported by Microsoft as a way to integrate service packs into a windows installation and has been around since Windows 2000.

    Regardless, it’s still a useful thing to know and, except for people like me who have had to do this for work, most people never even heard of a slipstream.

  2. Regarding post #2 This WOULD be a hack (in the modern sense) because it’s information that’s not given to users with their product when they purchase it. Someone had to do the work of digging through the M$ knowledgebase and hack together the information into a usable how-to for Joe User. Jut my 2 cents.

  3. Seriously, even better is NLite. Lets you totally remove most windows components and services if they are a security risk. You can even remove internet explorer and outlook express core files! This allows you to embed your own window manager in windows (there are a few out there). Much more secure, I wouldn’t be without mine. :-)

  4. I used the nlite before…This isn’t a hack, we expect and deserve better. You’re letting us down.

    You should have listed the TFT Projector hack from Tom’s hardware, it would have been more suited for your audience.


  5. I’ve seen this before and im not so sure if its a hack but it is useful for people that haven’t seen it before. But can you import the latest drivers with this program? Like for your video and sound card so theres not the additonal step of surfing the web downloading latest drivers and installing them?

  6. Here’s an idea that will save you lots of time. Download an ISO off (via bittorrent) that has already done all this work. Then input your valid serial number instead of the illegal one that probably came with the ISO.

    on suprnova -> click apps -> click windows

    scroll down. You will find it.

  7. Answer to post #9. You can add different drivers through an normal oem methods. I don’t recall the exact structure but there is deployment info at:

    I’ve integrated new drivers into a Windows 2000 install in the past, I can only assume MS still lets you do it with windows XP.

  8. of course they’re ripping you off. no store would actually try selling their older stock before putting new stock on the shelves. that’s just ridiculous!

    if you can’t tell, that’s sarcasm.

  9. Yeah, my friend and I slip streamed SP2 onto a Windows XP Pro cd before Mid-Term Break at school. We needed a quick and easy way to set up a few boxes in a hury without a network connection present. He actualy did it, we mannaged to get all the current updates at the time onto the cd. It was a beautifull thing, I am surprised that an article didn’t come out till december about it. He found the documentation somewhere else online. Oh well.

  10. If anyone sells you a version with SP2 installed then they’re ripping you off… and if you installed it yourself you should be ashamed… all SP2 does is limit functionality.

    If you want a useful hack… figure out how to selectively install security updates without the loss-of-functionality-crap of sp2.

  11. hello
    any one help me ” how i am create my own windows xp serves pack cd (cd disk)
    (i) how i am change themes in cd
    (ii) how i am change icon in window xp SP2 cd

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