secret coke machine debug menu

coke machine

here’s how you can unlock the secret debug menu on many coke machines. you can find out how many drinks have been sold, how much money is in the machine, and, in the rare case the machine is unsecured, get yourself a free soda-pop

140 thoughts on “secret coke machine debug menu

  1. I know this is not a hack but you get free sodas

    if you find a coke machine that has one of the moving conveyer belts that go up and down put a dollar in and pick the soda you want then hold the door closed so the soda cant come out and wait it will try to put it out again then it will give you your money back then put the dollar back in and pick the next soda you want and hold the door closed again untill it gives you your dollar then get 1 more soda but make sure they do not stack ontop of each other and let them come out of the door but you have to pullthem out of the slot fast or it will jam

    if the machine jams unplug it and it should go back down and if it doesnt unplug it again but if it still doesnt work atleast you didnt lose your dollar

    me and my friends found this out at school when we were skipping 7th period and ended up getting 13 soda before the machine jammed

    if you scam the machine like this enough you can go to the debug menu and see how much money it says it has its rediculously high

    our schools says 11000 or something like that

  2. I kinda skipped reading some of the comments so i may be saying some stuff that was already here…

    This article was on a site, in 2600 (written by “mEgAbYtE1” or something like that), on G4TV’s (at the time G4TechTV) The Screensavers (now “Attack of the Show”), all around Gamesurge (server; IRC), and also I wrote (for my refrence only) a simplified guide (made with pen/paper) based on the 2600 article. I found someone on a Gamesurge room saying that they “originally found that out” and that “the guy who wrote in to 2600 stole” his idea but i dont believe him.

    also those security guards at my local mall couldnt figure out how to make the coke machine stop displaying “ERROR” (it was a newer machine that uses bottles) :)



  4. Ha I dunno what was wrong with the machine,but my sister found a machine at Wal-mart last year. She put the money in press drpepper and the money would come out along with a soda. She would do this numerous of times. Yes she kept getting soda and her money back. It was pretty funny.

  5. this hack has worked for me once (the 4231) and all that it showed was CASH then flashed some amount that i didn’t care about. i tried going up and down the menu, but apparently that was the only access that i had. (this was at wal*mart) i tried various codes on all of their machines. it only worked on the DIXIE NARCO machine.
    btw, does anyone know the hack pass for royal vendors machines? at my school, i want free chocolate nesquik milk! it’s $1.50! so anyone know??? anyhelp will be great!

  6. Yeah, I love to put the debug menu on. It makes people so mad for a minute. We have like 8 coke machines, all of them work. I go through and put them all on debug. Then the bell rings, and every one RUNS for a coke. Then they can t get one and the are SSOOOOOO mad……its funny

  7. this hack works…true…but you cannot receive free sodas (as far as i have experienced)…
    at my local hangout (aka farmer’s market) i always 4231 the machine outside and try new menus and combinations of button presses. i always see “eror” “cash” “rtrn” and “sale”. i have also come upon a submenu inside (i believe it was rtrn) where it said what looked like enjoy but said “ejoi” or something like that. also, in one of the other menus, i held down up or down and the money amount would change anywhere from 0 to around 12 bucks! i am sure that there are hackerz higher than me in skittles, so if you guys know how i can save that price or anything…email me or somethin’, ya know? and if you n00bies out there wanna know more, also email…fools! muahahahaha! or ask me about my other hackz that i have performed!

  8. This hack defiantly works. I’ve tried on 3 different coke machines and its worked fine each time. Sometimes it wouldn’t work at first, but pressing the buttons harder and/or slower always helped.

    As for getting free cokes and other more interesting options, read the WHOLE article first! It describes that only certain machines allow the “real” hacks. This can easily be noticed by extra menus besides the standard CASH, SALE, RTN and EROR. So far I’ve only encountered standard machines, but its allways fun to show off to friends! ( Also one knows how much cash there is to loot! ;-p )

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  10. we have one of these vending machines in our fraternity, and the vendors haven’t restocked it in 6 months so we hijacked the machine. we drilled out the lock and configured it for coke, diet coke, water, AND can or bottled beer! right now we have Coors Light and Corona

    but yes, as john laur said, this isn’t really a secret, all the manuals that describe how the system works are available here: …we have the GIII with EVS, it seems like a common machine.

    next up, we’re gonna put baggies of drugs in the snack machine…jk…i think a beer vending machine is illegal enough already…

  11. I’ve gotten 2 dimes from a machine when I was messing around with the code on it. I believe it is possible to get money from it. I will also try to catalog and write a simple manual on how to use all of the functions.

  12. ya da royal vendors thinhgy wurks i got tha translated codes for yall. some these only work if some retard forgot to turn the service switch off!

    Eror Error Display Mode
    CPO-Coin Payout Mode
    tUFL-Tube Fill Mode
    tESt-Test Vend Mode
    PASS-Password Protection
    CASH-Cash Counter Display Mode
    SALE-Vend Counter Display Mode
    PrIC-Selection Price Setting Mode
    StS-Space to Sales Programming Mode
    Con-Machine Configuration Mode (C1-C10)
    CCOC-Correct Change Only
    PrEU-Preview Data Password Mode
    LAnG-Language Selection Mode
    tinE-Time/Date Setting Mode
    Lit-Lighting Control
    rFrG-Refrigeration Control Mode
    bLC1*-Block Selection Mode
    bLC2*-Block Selection Mode
    dISC*-Discount Setting Mode
    OUEr*-Manual Switch Over-ride Mode
    SdEP*-Set Depth By-selection Setting Mode
    rUnd*-Remote Vend Mechanism Routine ENJOY!

  13. u all are dumb shits. im 12 yes u can get a free soda.
    what u do is u access the debug menu. go to sale
    scroll down and it will say VeND click the enter one in this case the 4th button
    and it will say cys (choose your selection)

  14. ok, so it does work on some machine. the basic thing is: pass 4 2 3 1, and it will only show you how many its sold, the serial number of the machine, how mush money it has in it. there are c-switches that are either already activated by the keyholder or that you need to activate. if it is activated, you CAN get a free coke. go to con, and on one of the submenus (forgot which but one of the later ones) there is force vend. that will get yo u=your coke. or just do cpo, and buy a coke with some of that money.

  15. Hey, does anyone have pictures/diagrams of the machine’s inside? My school is supremely gansta, and I am there for a magnet program. The machines are broken open often, and there’s a rush of people to steal drinks. I thought I might slip in and flip the switch, but I don’t know where it is. Tips, anyone?

  16. I remember there used to be a coke vender i would buy drinks from; you could insert the money and when making your choice of drink push two buttons at the same time, and you would get two drinks!
    sadly they saw they werent getting the right enough money and saw what was happening on CCTV!
    May be worth a try on older machines

  17. You can get every soda out of the machine PLUS all the change too, using water.

    About 10 years ago I heard about spitting warm salt water into the dollar bill changer of any can vending machine, so I tried it. It works. It still works too.

    In case you haven’t heard of this, I dont think it really has to be warm or salt water, as I have done it with all 3 many times. All you need is a simple method of pouring a large amount of water (as much as gallon) into the dollar changer slot. Better to have too much than too little.

    While you pour the water in the dollar slot, you will start to see wierd shit happening. Every now and then tap the metal on the machine… you may get a small buzz shock… if you do, chances are you can have your way with the machine.

    Just keep putting water in until you can push a button and get sodas to come out. Sometimes you push the button once per soda, other times it has simply dropped all the sodas out for each button.

    click down the change return button repeatedly while pouring the last of the water in, it takes more than to get the sodas out. Once I had to put in a dollar and push a soda button to get the change out…

    I did this at a golf course at night in Maine, where I was fishing at 2 am. Me and a buddy loaded up 3 backpacks of soda and put the rest in a trash can, and palced it in front of the machines… all the golfers the next day had some free beverages, and I had enough change to buy gas, smokes and a small bag of weed.

  18. I Tried This In School And The Only Option I Got Was SLE – Sale Whuch Was SLE 0 – 13. I Couldn’t Get Any More Options But In The Colledges You Can Get All Of The Options Apparantly. I Want To Know How To Hack Them Milkshake Vending Machines That Are Gay. The Only Way We Get Free Drinks Out Of Them Is Stick 2 Coins Together Or Knock Them Out. Problem Is There Starting To Nail The Machines To The Floor.

  19. This is what you do

    press 4-3-2-1 which opens the menu then press 2 to go throuigh the menu untill it says errorthen press 4
    this locks the machine which means that any money put into it well be kept in there but no soda comes out
    aftter watching a few goons try to get soda and whatever go up to it and press the coin return and 1

    enjoy some random persons money :)

  20. haha i was on my school campus today and i was walking by one of those soda refilling dudes with the pallet of pop, and he was on his cell saying “i dont know, its stuck in service mode” well if i didnt run over there fast and check it out. sure enough it said ***SERVICE MODE*** (this is a somewhat old pepsi machine btw, not coke) with buttons a-f and 0-9, as well as CLR and *. well i was hitting random buttons and it said “REGULAR PRICE 0.00” and let me input it, hit * to save, and sure enough, i set it from 1.50 to 0.50 and it works, even though it wont accept quarters only

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