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here’s how you can unlock the secret debug menu on many coke machines. you can find out how many drinks have been sold, how much money is in the machine, and, in the rare case the machine is unsecured, get yourself a free soda-pop

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  1. I’d like to try this, but I can’t think of a new Coke machine anywhere around here. The newest machines I ever see are always in amusement parks and such. Regardless, I wrote this down in my wallet in hopes to attacking a new Coke machine when I come upon one in my travels. Cheers.

  2. I cant be sure if this is new relavent info or a recycled file. Dont know, so I’ll try it tommorow on a likely target. That said, someone needs to make a good vending machine hack website.

  3. Tried this on the machine in my apartment building. It works! Looks like I have one of the “older” machines, and it was totally locked down, but I was able to see how many cokes it sold and so forth. I’ll be trying this on every machine I run across now. :D

  4. i just went to my school machine (we have the one that has the glass front and the convayor belt that catches everything) the 4231 did ork but the lunch ladywalked over as i was in the menu and proceded to open the machine while i was there. it had taken some kids dollar and she was getting it back. i just left :)

  5. I tried this and it DID work. I’ve found it works ONLY on the machines that’ll display changing words. The one’s that only display .75 or whatever the price is constantly will not work!

  6. I sent this hack into 2600, but I don’t know if this guy took it. This hack has been around for a while so maybe he found it elsewhere. I didn’t discover it, I heard it from a friend then confirmed that it worked.

  7. I was in Miami last march, and was at Bayside mall. There was a soda vending machine in the parking structure. The maching vended the 20oz plastic bottles, but the led said 50 cent, i put 50 cents it….all drinks were 50 cents….

  8. On a pinball machine, you have to have the key to get in the machine to change things like the price. it may only be bookkeeping on the outside of the vending machine and prices on the in for reasons like this

  9. I remember this “hack” from a while back, I have been throwing up errors on machines for a while at my work… you should throw the service manuals up… I know they are up somewhere because I had them once on my computer.

  10. I remember finding something like that on a pepsi machine. It didn’t let me get anything free, besides, why would I want free Mountain Dew when I can buy it at the store for around $0.30 apiece in a 24pack.

    I was trying to get my money back, and I held the coin return button in for several seconds. Then I pushed one of the buttons (since it ate my change anyway) and instead of getting my soda (lousy thing) it told me the number of sodas it had sold.

    1500 cans of Mountain Dew had been sold, higher than any other drink. No wonder so many people were buzzed at work. But knowing the number of drinks didn’t offer the refreshment of a cool Mountain Dew. So, I didn’t pursue it any further.

    For pepsi machines, I guees I would start with the coin return button.

  11. When I was in school students were usually responsible for refilling the machines. I would suggest gaining access to the c-switches by social enginering yourself into this position or conning / bribbing one of the refill kids. If you can enlist the suport of a cute girl you can probably get the coke distributer to let you in. Those guys are chronic horn dogs.


  12. The coke machine code 4-2-3-1 has been listed for at least ten years (see YOu can’t get a free coke out of it, but inside the machine there is a keypad for that, and even a button to switch to “coupon mode” so the machines will accept coupons instead of dollars.. could probably print those out and get crazy..but you have to open the machine.

    Works on all the machines at the Dell corporate headquarters. And my apartment’s machine too. I like to leave it on ERROR …but it resets after a minute.

  13. you can’t get a free coke, but can’t you change the price to like 5 cents from the outside.

    Still haven’t found a good machine yet to try it on.

    is the coin dump to dump the coins on the inside or to dump all the coins from the inside into the coin return???

  14. you can’t get a free coke, but can’t you change the price to like 5 cents from the outside.

    Still haven’t found a good machine yet to try it on.

    is the coin dump to dump the coins on the inside or to dump all the coins from the inside into the coin return???

  15. Coming from a guy who is 35 anmd never done anything liek this, it works and i got ONE free soda after about an hours worth of different maneuvers. We own a repair shop for coin operated toys. I.E. video games, jukeboxes, pinball machines, pool tables, etc. Called Quarters only in oklahoma. Had a new one in the shop, no one around to say hey..stop that and it works. Pretty fun for us safe players.

  16. I tried this the other day at Robotics. We work out of a place in the City called Geason works. I tried it on the work floor and it didn’t work. The machines were TOO OLD. But upstairs at the office there are machines and my friend and I checked it out… IT WORKS! nothing like free soda or anyhting but we could get in. Sweet stuff!


  17. This is hardly a hack. It’s actually dcoumented in the machine manual and known and used by almost any vending machine company to see machine statuses without having to take the time to open them. Coke’s machines are manufactured by Royal Vendors and the PDF manuals are available for download from their website. Occasionally you will see a Royal Vendors Pepsi machine or non-branded machine. If it’s a Royal Vendors unit that’s younger than about 15 years old, this will work. The only button inside the machine is a service button that will send the operator to the menu including the PaSS menu where pricing/etc. can be altered and free vend can be activated. The menu is still controlled via the buttons on the front. The only other input is via an optional switch (key switch usually) that can be set to do things like turn the light on/off, enable free vend, etc. however most machines do not have this switch. Incedentally, there is no way to get the machine to dump out money via the menus — even the service menu. But if you can get to that, you can get to the money.

    If all you want to do is get free soda, you’d have much more success downloading the vending machine manual and examining how the vending mechanism acually works. I know it backwards and forwards, and a mechanical attack would be much more successful than an electrnic one.

    Anyone who wants to see a real coke machine hack, take a look at the URL my name links to. I hacked a Royal Vendors GIII machine to dispense kegged beer as well as keep its original function of dispensing bottles and cans. What’s more, the beer flow is regulated by valves and meters and a custom built mincrocontroller circuit handles flow calibration, valve control, and the interface between the vending machine and the beer.

    Further hacking tricks would involve exploring the interesting serial bus inside the machine – MDB. “MultiDrop Bus” is the serial network over which the vending computer speaks to the coin changer, the bill changer, and optionally several other devices as well such as card readers or receipt printers. The format of MDB is very intersting – it uses 11 bit frames with 9 bit bytes signalled on a 30V optically isolated bus. It requires devices to have <5ms response latency too which is a pretty high requirement for this kind of job!

    Also as an aside - WTF is up with this site disallowing capital letters and color pictures? In the name of style? Maybe, fine, but give me the ability to write proper English in my comments, please!

  18. I know how to get into the menu and everything but I dont know how to configure the coke system to give me either free coke, change the price to something cheap, or get all the $ out of the maching. Can anyone give me step by step instructions?

  19. i just found out about this “hack” from a friend who did it. He, i know for a fact, Changed the price to 5 cents, and bought a coke, and then changed it back. So yes you can basicly get a free coke. And yes, you can make the machine dump all the money, im not sure where it comes out of *inside or out* but it can be done. He wont tell me exactly how to do it cause he dosent want any knowing and i dont know him all that well, but yeah it works.

  20. what are you a moron there is no possible way to get a free soda or to change the price from the outside

    i was around when the guy was restocking the coke machine at scool and i tried to change it when he wasnt looking but i got caught and suspended for 3 days

    the 4-2-3-1 debug code works for almost any new soda machine and if you put 2 pieces of tape as long as a dollar on the end of a dollar then add strips that go accross like a ladder that over lap and then put tape on the back of that tape so it si not sticky you can put the dollar in a machine and hold the tape wait for a clicking sound then slowly pull it back out you can get a soda

    if you try it on a machine that cost 1.25 put the dollar in 2 times and you can get a free soda and .75 cents. some machines dont work with that because they have a thing so you cant pull your dollar out but when it does work woohoo!!!!!!!!

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