Cubicle Mines

office mine

it’s officialy monday again.  another week of mindless drudgery and stolen red staplers.  if going postal with a nerf gun isn’t your bag, perhaps something more subtle such as this mini claymore mine would be more appropriate.  you can make one from common materials found in your desk drawer and a strech of scotch tape provides a functional and decorative trip wire.  yeah, probably a really bad idea

18 thoughts on “Cubicle Mines

  1. Man oh man. If it wasn’t for the footnote at the very bottom of the page I would have thought that those weirdos are serious in suggesting shooting needles or cancerogenic toner in your co-workers face “as a joke”.

  2. pretty awsome

    but can actully hurt some one

    i prefere some kind of black cat or something just a lout pop to scare them

    im shure its possible to ignite a black cat with just some electricity or something

  3. hey c.a.t.- that’s an awesome idea! they should have a contest like the one that this won for weapons/traps that can be constructed in class without arousing suspicion!

    “steal my lunch money, will ya? Hope you like needles in your butt…”

  4. Pretty cool I made one and plasted staples into my desk. None stuck though :( I think getting hackadayed (new verb, like slashdotted) made their site exceed bandwidth limits, now I get an error when I try to visit their site hahaha.

  5. Here are some Fun Fillings (for those who do not wish to use sharp metal objects or are paranoid that the boss will become a victim)

    1) Good old Sugar – stings like a devil with all them little pellets. Plus they hurt like a bi___ when they get in your eye – Look in the coffee break room for Sugar/NutraSweet/Equal packets.

    2) Salt – Break room again – similar to sugar but will flush into saline solution when hit with water.

    3) Baby Powder – Home – nothing better then some baby powder/ goldbond getting on the coat tie and face (not to mention a respitory cough that will make it hard to say ‘Your done for ‘)

    4)Staples – the stapler – not as nasty but with some speed these buggers will hurt.

    5) A Pencil – just turn it into a catapult a well speed pencil into the leg will piss anyone off.

    6)Spitwad – Notecard on the desk chewed up – EWW. GROSS! A well aimed spitwad will muck up more then just ones mood.

    7)Raw Paperclips – [See Staples]

    8)Broken pen ink refill – old pen – nothing says its ‘ITS WAR NOW’ like a good slotch of ink on the suit coat/pants/tie/face

    9)Pencil Sharpener Shavings – [See babypowder]

    10) SUPER EVIL! modify to add a plastic baggie (corner of a sandwich bag you had for lunch. Tape to end making a pocket after loading wad. Now pour in fountain ink liquid and set the trap at an angle. Just like the ink pen but with much better results.

    Oh the posibilities are endless.

  6. Hal, you’re about as imaginative as my third grade pet rock….

    All those ideas have been raped to death by every third grader and above… You’re an adult (I hope) Learn to think like one… Murder Death Kill… Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat

  7. OK so the above are lame.

    Take the ink in step 10 and add paint, antifreeze, 10 molar hydrocloric acid, 10 molar sodium hydroxide (you may need a better plastic bag), any poison or toxic chems. Yea go nuts.

    Hey you want evil: Take the pencil (get a good hard 2h or 4h will do), sharpen it real good (the long taper sharpener is best), load with the right rubberband load/trip combination. Aim for the face and fire.

    Hey i was going for nice/prankster style.

  8. who do u build this thing.. i want directions please… im 20 and trying to make a movie and trying to use this in it… so please get back with me soon with the directions… all the sites i go to say um like blocked or i have to pay or somethjing.

  9. You click the link on the page for directions. Make sure the holes you burn in are far enough spaced away so that the plunger (stick pen) will fit through the marker shell.

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