Do It Yourself Lcd Projector

diy lcd projector

do your friends really want to watch the game on that puny tv of yours?  wouldn’t they rather spend the afternoon helping you make a 6 foot xga projection system?  i figured so, and so did sine~language, who sent us this link last night to a tom’s hardware article on building a sweet video system out of an lcd monitor and an overhead projector.

more recently, tom’s posted a follow-up with recommendations on flat panel monitors to use for such a project.  also worth checking out is an alternative lcd projector design we talked about earlier.

these projectors seemed really large to me at first glance, but they take up much less space than a normal 32 inch tube.  that, and you can’t easily roll a tv of reasonable size into a closet and reclaim your room.  i guess you know what i’ll be doing instead of watching the super bowl.

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