sniffing and cracking rfid crypto

rfid cracking
i always get a kick out of companies using proprietary crypto in their products.  hackaday reader b-rad writes,

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University and RSA Laboratories have demonstrated how too crack the encryption of a Texas Instrument RFID transponder used in many “immobilizer-equipped” car keys and ExxonMobile SpeedPass e-payment fobs.

the team was able to reverse engineer the protocol and come up with a system for brute forcing the key recovery process in a matter of hours.  they also created a proof-of-concept radio device that could be used to mimic a speedpass fob to purchase gasoline.

their cracking device utilizes 16 fpgas and is able to do in a couple hours what 10 general purpose pcs would do in 2 weeks, all for the price of about $3500.  this reminds me of the bombes used by british cryptanalysts to crack enigma cyphers in world war 2.  pretty cool stuff.

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amiga car mp3 player

amiga car mp3 player
sure you can do it with linux on a powerbook, with an xp machine, or with a little mini-itx setup, but i figured an ancient 7mhz machine wouldn’t be nearly fast enough to be suitable for an auto mp3 player.

i figured wrong.

here’s a nice retro hack that brings together an amiga 600 and an opel astra.  for extra style points, there is a video of the project’s creator playing lotus 3 while driving down the street.  those amiga fans can do just about anything.

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hackaday links

hackaday links
another amiga auto mp3 player
see other hackaday transportation hacks
hurricade upgrade: modern use of joysticks that never worked right in the first place

microsoft wrote a nice little article titled “a parent’s primer to computer slang.”

Leet (a vernacular form of “elite”) is a specific type of computer slang where a user replaces regular letters with other keyboard characters to form words phonetically–creating the digital equivalent of pig Latin with a twist of hieroglyphics.

the “did you find this information useful” questionaire at the bottom cracks me up. parents everywhere can finally connect with their teenagers.  w00t!
(thanks for the link joe)

too bad you missed this one, all the macgyver utility kits are sold out.

worlds first phone glove. clever.

interactive realtime 3d satellite tracking utlity

an idea for using a cellphone and voip service to route calls and get free long distance minutes

and while we are on the topic of making phone calls

electromagnetic coil gun

coil gun
remember greg the high voltage hacker that brought us the homemade night vision scope?  one reader commented:

Greg is a great guy with a ton of ingenuity. He is an inspiration for all high-voltage enthusiasts, and is the only person i know to have constructed a working Tesla coil out of nothing but junk. He is a Class-A hacker!

with a comment like that, and a few other tips i’ve recieved, i figured i should take a closer look at the other articles on his site.  his electromagnetic coil gun howtos are of particular interest.  on his site, they come in two sizes, small and large.

The total peak energy storage for this system is 1874 Joules, the same amount of caloric (not mass) energy found in 4.7 tablespoons of SKIPPY peanut butter. For reference, my other coil gun’s peak energy was 55 Joules or 0.14 tablespoons of peanut butter

aluminum can backpacking stove

pop can stove

i spent the weekend trying to come up with a design for a cheap, portable espresso machine.  what i ended up with was a caulk gun actuated pvc tube contraption.  you can read all about it over at engadget.  several users have written that pvc is not approved for hot water use and may be dangerous, so i’d recommend checking out cpvc (or something completely different and more eco-friendly).  there’s room for improvement, so beat me to the punch.  come up with a better diy espresso machine and send it in.  i’ll make sure to post it and you’ll make caffeinated hikers everywhere happy.

so, on the topic of hikers and diy portable gagetry, i just recieved a great link that i had to move to the front of the queue.  scott henderson wrote a great howto on making a nifty little backpacking stove out of a chimeric combination of pepsi and guiness cans.  it’s a simple, elegant design that really makes you think about how you can use every day items in creative ways.

these are my favorite kinds of hacks, bar none.  everybody thank bruce for sending this our way, and make sure to send in your favorite hacks.

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hackaday links

hackaday links

more diy backpacking gear
an alcohol stove out of a cat food can
and how to feed the cats while you are off camping (another basic stamp project)

first ever geocamming scavenger hunt

when alt-tab just doesn’t cut it: a product that allows you to im in secret

nsa to be traffic cop for us networks?  will they be enforcing speed limits?

so far, it’s been an interesting week in security.

if you thought their old business model was bad

peltier desktop drink cooler

peltier drink cooler
i found this link in my inbox, courtesy of j. peterson.  we’ve posted a peltier beverage cooler before, but i think this one deserves mention as well.  it hasn’t had the finishing touches, so it’s not as pretty yet.  however, this one does come with a digital temperature readout.  more importantly, it’s big.  you could countersink a couple of these babies into your dining room table and start living the 21st century good life, as imagined way back in the mid-1900s.

just think, your home of the future, complete with soda-cooling, plate-heating countertops and a kitchen computer.

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