hackaday links

hackaday links

more diy backpacking gear
an alcohol stove out of a cat food can
and how to feed the cats while you are off camping (another basic stamp project)

first ever geocamming scavenger hunt

when alt-tab just doesn’t cut it: a product that allows you to im in secret

nsa to be traffic cop for us networks?  will they be enforcing speed limits?

so far, it’s been an interesting week in security.

if you thought their old business model was bad

5 thoughts on “hackaday links

  1. SHA-1 hasn’t been “broken”, it’s just become several orders of magnitude easier to find collisions. It’s still very *VERY* difficult to do. Not saying we shouldn’t find a new hash algorithm, but you’re kind of overstating how bad this is.

  2. tom, 2**69 is still a lot of operations, but it’s a hell of a lot smaller than 2**80, and it places an attack within the reach of a well funded individual or organization.

    with the push to employ hash functions like this in the automatic distribution, verification, and installation of software, i think it’s worth talking about.

    so, yeah, maybe ‘broken’ is an overstatement, but that really depends on who you are, what you are distributing, and how much its integrity is worth to you.

  3. With the de-drm for napster as you put it, wouldn’t it be rad, if some r33t hax0rz made a p2p app, that created it’s own decentralised network, whilst every client connects to napster and starts ripping mp3s, either by means of using a free trial, or using their ntg accounts. And obviously shares the content free of charge. hrm. *thinks* maybe it’s not doable, but if it’s implementable you could have a p2p network with all the content of napster and only that hrm.

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