Gm Onstar Hacking

onstar serial hack

this site shows you how to jack in to the gps receiver inside any gm onstar system.  it’s as simple as soldering a up a serial cable.  you can then connect to it and either run some gps diagnostic software, or switch the device to nmea mode so that you can use it with your gps mapping software in your car pc.

if you’ve got an onstar system but aren’t paying for the service this might be just the hack for you.  thanks for the link leo!

27 thoughts on “Gm Onstar Hacking

  1. I work with the guy that maintains this page and he said that a lot of the information is out of date and hasn’t been updated in over a year. I don’t have OnStar so I am not sure what has changed.

  2. I first saw this site a couple years ago. It only has information for the older Onstar boxes; pre-2004, I think. In any case, it does work on those boxes. Basically, you wire a serial cable to the GPS chip and then override the Onstar box to get the GPS data. Kinda cool if you don’t use the OnStar in the car and want to put a GPS system into your car in a clean manner. You can also disconnect the microphone and radio/automute connections from the OnStar box and wire them up to a bluetooth car kit for your cell phone without too much difficulty.

  3. I would like to know if there is a simple way to disconnect my On Star in my 2003 GMC pickup so my truck cannot be tracked at the request of someone else. Please let me know as soon as possible thanx

  4. how do you disconnect onstar on a pontiac torrent. crazy ass boyfriend trying to follow and threaten me and my 3 year old daughter. please let me know this as soon as possible.

  5. how do you disconnect onstar on a pontiac torrent. crazy ass boyfriend trying to follow and threaten me and my 3 year old daughter. please let me know this as soon as possible.

  6. I have an 02 mercedes clk 320, need to know how to disconnect the onstar! i bought the car at an auto auction and the former owner used it to locate me to try to get the car back, so i need to disconnect! thank you!!!

  7. Melissa,

    The former owner didn’t track you with the Onstar he probably did a public records request to find out where you lived.

    To make sure contact Onstar and make sure there is no account still tied to the car for a previous owner.

  8. ahhhchu:

    1: grab soupcan

    2:place over onstar antenna

    3: Onstar = disabled.

    4: ??????

    5: Profit.

    alternately, just unscrew the 2″ long whip antenna, or park in a place with no cell reception… like inside a shipping container.

  9. What I’m more worried about is someone hacking in to the onstar or the car computer brain and taking control of the car I was reading where the gov agency NSA can do just that it’s one of there ways of getting you out of the way and making it look like an accident as the cars go more high tech the problem will get worst you can have some sick person or someone who don’t like you could make you drive off a bridge and by the way the gov uses electromagnetic, satellite or they can just fry your cars computers brain which cost any where from $5000 – 25000 to fix or they can shut your car off going down a major highway and we all know the problem that will cause it will get you killed every thing that’s made is to benefit the gov for there use of tracking us or getting rid of us you should read about the nsa, cia, and the do they can really be nasty

    1. Except there has literally never been a report of this ever happening in recorded history. Furthermore, the pre-2006 GM vehicles that this actually applies to couldn’t connect to the cellular network even if they wanted to (no more TDMA/AMPS from AT&T equals no signal anywhere).

  10. Yes their is they track you by tpms.its happening too me atm they’ve took my windsheld wipers scratches every car is black so stands out like a sore thumb.i discconected negative for 25 mins resetting entire system but is that enough for ur car not too show up

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