The $1 Infrared Solution For Your Pc

IR Transmitter

infrared comes on a lot of cool devices, but not everyone has a transmitter/reciever to take advantage of it. well now you can and for about a buck. just make sure your pc has room for an IR port. if it does, you’ll need to pick up the following to get going:
+An infrared LED, an infrared photo-diode
+Two BC548 transistors
+A 10 nF capacitor
+A 4K7 resistor, a 47 K resistor, a 15K resistor, a 22 ohm resistor and a 1 K resistor (all of them 1/8 W)

That’s it aside from your trusty soldering gun and a lil’ solder. Wire it up, connect it, and start waving your cellphone, palmone, or whatever it is with IR around to have windows recognize it!

thanks [captain]

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