MIDI Hamsters

midi hamster

looks like our favorite critters from 4th grade are serving a new purpose. musically that is. the hampster movements are captured by mini-midi controllers of some sort, then fed into whatever you please. a synth rack, a keyboard, and roland tr-900. The possibilities are endless. It uses 6 hampsters, and a  C-based controller that react to their movement. pure genius.

18 thoughts on “MIDI Hamsters

  1. Weird =)

    I “dont like” pets, but this hack is kewl though.
    I’ve been reading hackaday since last Month, and i spend nights with checkin out every artice.
    Great work!
    keep it on.

    greets from germany

  2. This was on slashdot around the end of February, I think. It’s possible but I thought I read that it was faked…
    Automatic generation of midi music sounds the exact same as that.

  3. I thought this was a rather good post from hackaday. (beside the fact that you guys think it’s been posted already)

    I like to see it when hackaday posts articles about things that the reader can try. Unlike the previous days post, this one can be duplicated or modified or whatever by basically anyone with a few $$

  4. “Automatic generation of midi music sounds the exact same as that.”

    Yeah it is automatic generation, but instead of “random” computer inputs, it has “true” random mammal inputs..

    well you get what im saying..

  5. man, you people whine too much. get a friggin life.
    if you’ve already seen it who cares? its not the end of he world. do something more constructive,
    like go outside instead of sitting on your ass!

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