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msn psp

finally someone worked out a nifty little system for the MSN for use on PSP.
And it looks good too. MSN isn’t as popular as AIM or anything else, but it’s great for talking with people who arent in america or just dont use aim. so this is obviously another step in psp advancing technology. there is literally maybe a little more than 2 or 3 graphics and the rest is nice and text based

176 thoughts on “Msn On The Psp

  1. And you are going to text message using what input method?

    Gaming controls?


    Yet another jump-through-hoops, not practical in the real world mod for an ENTERTAINMENT device.


  2. #2: You’re a bit too huffy and puffy about this. It’s just a harmless little mod to show that hell yeah, the PSP can do something. Sure it’s not practical, but very few tech demos are. And that’s basically what this is.

  3. its not a hack of any kind. its the same mod of the Wipeout browser using a DNS redirect.. the MSN is just built in PHP and displayed as a web page.

    input = on screen keyboard.

  4. All these will become a LOT more useful once the logitech keyboard arrives. Don’t scoff, bugs worked out now will mean a smoother end product one it gets a larger uptake.

    (Wait, did that just sound like marketing speil? *Washes mouth out with soap*)

  5. When will there be real development for the PSP? Everything so far has been base on a lame DNS redirect and the WipeOut browser.

    When is somebody going to get the hint that there needs to be actual development?

    Look at what has been done with the DS so far, and it puts the PSP

  6. :whine: i want more free stuff
    :whine: psp is teh roxxor
    :whine: psp is lame
    :whine: i should go get a soldering iron, some imagination, and actually make a contribution to this site if i’m not happy with the articles i’m seeing.

    :whine: i should grow some balls as well.

  7. Wow…. this site has gone downhill fast… first, there aren’t that many “hacks” to fill up this page, and I’m OK with that… just having a page to catalog a bunch of fun hacks is a great idea… but the -a-day does seem to be false….

    but the major problem is that the only thing the comments are ever used for is whining because other people can’t think up amazing things that interest them.

    Seriously, shut up… if you want something amazing on HAD, then make something amazing, otherwise let the guys do what they do, and stop giving them a hard time for it. Its not their fault you idiots are too busy whining on their message board to create useful hacks… they can only publish what actually happens…

    To the admins: Way to go guys, I appreciate your site, and understand that there seems to be a shortage of actual hacks out there. Keep it up, you’re doing as well as you can!

  8. I can’t believe how many whiner visit this web site and take time to leave comments. After the ”No more iPod hack” possee, it’s the ”It’s useless” click. Cmon people, if you don’t like those hack, just go touch yourself, or better, find a girl to do it for you. In reply to the ”Who want MSN on PSP” guy: ”Me”. Sure it’s not practical, but hey, clothes aren’t practical in most part of the world and you don’t see people running around naked.

  9. Allow me to explain these types of “hacks”: they are the same “hack” as all the other previous Wipeout web browser tricks. And while I’m at it, let me cover all the hacks that can be done that way: step one – run Wipeout browser; step two – visit any web page. There, I think it covers it all. For the love of god, why can’t we see something like and not a web page “hack” on par with “OMGWTFBBQ I can use IRC with Dreamcast’s web browser !!!” ?

  10. Well in responce to #17, there is very little that is known about the PSP hardware at this point (in terms of useful information for development in the hobbyist scene). People are trying hard though, with the good people @ coming in to mind. I understand why a lot of people are complaning though, as these are just web frontends that have already existed for a while and are just being conformed to the psp’s screen and browser abilities. Is there a need for bashing? No. Would it be better to post these on a side board instead? Perhaps…

  11. It’s interesting that you say that most people use AIM. In Alaska it’s all MSN. I only know one guy that has AIM, and he uses that because all his friends that he played Counter-Strike with used it. Anyhow. If I actually HAD a PSP I’d be trying this. I’m cheap.

    Oh, and I agree with those that say people shouldn’t whine. Now, if they actually HAVE something BETTER, they should submit it and MAYBE complain if it doesn’t get ran. But as it is it’s like protesting the president… when you didn’t vote or get involved in any way in either election.

  12. Well…for starters i apreciate what there doing…has anyone thought of using or addapting Miranda IM? it has a web based PHP like client(mbot plugin)…and its multi protocol support! you can bloody control the lights in your home with miranda…it can be used to conrol your home computer! by using miranda as a front end with some plugins, and you now can do anything in the world from your psp that involves electronics!

  13. I’d submit my own hacks but they are by no means interesting enough for this site (watercooled Mac Plus, case conversions). However, it certainly beats the hell out of using a web browser to look at a page.

    Am I whining? Yeah, I am. I’m just tired of seeing this stuff get front-paged.

  14. I was thinking about water cooling my pc.
    but need to do it cheap ! the darn fan noise
    drives me crazy.
    if u got some good info just post it in here.
    some kinda forum would be cool but it’s not
    gona happen on this site. put your info in a
    thred . i’ll read it :-)

  15. So this is just a bridge to the Web basedMSN Messanger. How no one thought that you are putting your hotmail account and password in some place that who knows who developed?

  16. You cry babies kill me,
    It’s not a hack!!
    It’s not a good hack!!
    It’s not (fill in EXACTLY what YOU want to see)
    This is a great site, it’s not called If you Idiots spent half as much time building as bitching like little girls, ie. Jared, debo, stryder, there would be more on here. Let’s go to your site’s cause your so smart, oh yeah, you don’t have any. Keep up the good work, babies just come back and click him some more money.

  17. Well i personaly think this mod will be great! I’m getting my psp on may 5th and if i ever figure out how to do mods i’ll get this one for sure. By the way, anyone who has this mode know if it works?

  18. hey great site
    I was hoping some one had a list of hacks
    and things the psp can do
    I naver had a computer so I am really in the dark
    I can’t even configure my network settings to start a lan game

  19. if you got a list of hacks, that would be awsome!
    Is it possible to make a small webpage/portal for the PSP and have those link to
    “”, “”, “”, “” and “” and have it clickable on the psp so I can get redirected to that site?
    If someone got a list of hacks etc. Send an email to <33

  20. Hey guys… why don’t we start doing useful things with our comments? Like giving ideas to the smart people for PSP hacks… things I could never figure out such as hooking up a USB SD card reader to the PSP and using it as an ecternal hard drive. Or figuring out how to get a WEP key hacker running on the thing… God damn the PSP is going to be so loverly.

    So make useful posts you damn fools… contribute some ideas!

  21. contrary to all this whining, i think this is a great hack. I live in the uk so i havent got a psp yet, but i have still been able to use it. Its really handy if u want to use msn at work covertly, as its not picked up by a lot of the web filters.

  22. all i can say is we’ll get there…i’m doing some research on making an actual stand alone browser..i’m not a hacker but i program in C and i’m a student, might take a while. if anyone is willing to work with me. give us a shout

    with regards to lack of innovation, if anyone knows some level of programming hacking, you would have done your homework as the psp seems to have a big brick wall everyones trying to break, theres quite a few things springing up, but we’ll get there in the end. I personally have no got wipeout, cause i have a mac at home. I’m still waiting for something really interesting and this msn thing is interesting.

    Anyone thought of tweaking Dillo and Gecko, they’ve hacked wipeout too…this standalone browser thing is 100% possible. give me a shout!

  23. i like msn on me comp but on a gamin pad tryin 2 type i dont fink so it takes da pi** it makes me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo angry :) :@

  24. You silly twits! This is a great development towards psp msn.

    When WiMax comes out ill bet you will be changing your minds, you immaure fu**s, this is free developments so stop flaming.

    For all you guys who dont know what wimax is go and have a look in Google.

  25. I wish that someone could figure out how to port or do whatever necessary to put a standalone browser like Mozilla on a PSP. If anyone gets wind of something like this please let me know!

  26. yeah hi there….ok so i dnt hav a PSP yet, but still i rekon its a awesome idea, who gives a shit what kinda hack it is, or if its no L33T enough for you SCREW YOU. Its a awesome idea, now i can talk 2 “certain people” while in bed :P ;D on my psp which i havnt got yet….

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