hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

ok this is totally unofficial and spur of the moment, but let me explain this tomfoolery.

since i started writing for hackaday and jason has become a father full time (congratulations so much by the way), it’s been a very interesting transition for me and i’m loving all you readers more and more. the tips and comments (good or bad) i truely appreciate and it shows that whether you love or hate the hack of the day, you’re here for good fun hacks.

so…we’re going to try this whole “lazy afternoons” thing. basically, you send in your hack, and during the afternoon, i check my gmail, see what’s up, find an interesting and (here’s the important part) easy to make hack, and post your hack up here for all hackaday readers to try out for themselves. not everyone can afford $600 for an android head, let alone know how to solder even sometimes. that’s ok. the important part is that you’re interested. so i present to you:

the world’s simplest FM radio jammer sent in by [megabite1]
FM Radio Jammer
we’ve all been there before. maybe we’ve even been guilty of it, but there will always be that person with the radio blasting unwanted music at a time that is not convienient for us. don’t get me wrong here, i don’t mind the occasional Run DMC “hard times” at 2am, but sometimes I need that sleep. so with a 100mhz crystal oscillator and a piece of wire acting as an antenna stuck in it, you can properly jam all 100mhz FM stations and apparently possibly the whole FM band. he says these are a bit hard to find, but dig around or try a place like mouser for one. either way, it’s good for some temporary relief when you need peace and quiet.

so until next time hackers, enjoy your lazy afternoon and keep sending in hacks. we love ’em. no worries, hackaday links will return soon.

129 thoughts on “hackaday lazy afternoons

  1. afroman’s been on hackaday before. I seen his site before I been to hackaday as well. There is such thing as coincidence, enfusion. And justin, “hackers” like you are the reason hacker is seen as a bad thing.

    Now, would a 100mhz crystal in the 486’s be from the bus or processor?

  2. a link to a working, confirmed crystal would be nice, as seeing mouser pretty much is impossible to tell on this issue.

    or, a list of older electronics with the crystal in them would be nice too.

    if anyone does this, document it please.

  3. Afroman’s site has been hackadotted! (alright, it’s running fine). Anyway, my two cents:

    If you put a signal through the oscillator, you may be able to broadcast in a limited range with that thing. Also a fun thing to have around if you live near an FCC office and are extremely bored.

  4. Afroman’s site has been hackadotted! (alright, it’s running fine). Anyway, my two cents:

    If you put a signal through the oscillator, you may be able to broadcast in a limited range with that thing. Also a fun thing to have around if you live near an FCC office and are extremely bored.

  5. Do you really think that anyone would have any idea what was going on? Its called a senior prank bub, im sorry that i give you a bad name because i know so many people pay attention to the hacker “underworld”. So chill, its all in good fun, its not like im hurting anyone, its better than releasing thousands of crickets in the library.

  6. I just bought one from jameco, by what trimbandit says it sounds like it will work. The jameco one is slightly different that the mouser, so trimbandit, can i still run it off a 3.3v battery?

  7. I once put together a Ramsey’s FM10 FM transmitter kit and I found that even though it was set to 102.7, I could hear the signal all over the FM band, even when the antenna wasn’t attached. This is why a good filter for your transmitter is essential. and also why an unfiltered signal causes noise all over the band.

  8. The instructions pretty much stink on the link. Can anybody please tell an idiot with no tech-hacking knowledge how to attach the battery and antenna? Thanks in advance.

  9. The instructions pretty much stink on the link. Can anybody please tell an idiot with no tech-hacking knowledge how to attach the battery and antenna? Thanks in advance.

  10. A few years ago I started pondering a cellphone jammer, using similar techniques… but discovered that a jammer could easily kill a pacemaker. Please be careful folks.


  11. I converted a Sony Shortband Handheld Radio
    into a Variable Frequency Modulated over-
    ride device one time.With this Circuit though
    the Receiver would have to be within 5 feet
    if not closer, because it is only operating
    at about 2-4 WATTS.

    To keep it simple but powerful add some Heavy Duty Transistors from a TV or even Substation
    to amplify the Signal.Even the shitty Commercial
    AM/FM Stations operate at about 50mW.Thats why
    you can pick up stations for up to 100 Miles on
    a weak car stereo.If you raised the Potential
    Difference with a Heavy Duty 9v Battery, and the
    above mentioned Transistors you could probly
    get 10-35 Watts, and with a simple 25G copper
    wire antenna that could get you up to a 1 Mile
    circumfierance of listeners.

    I would use a 555 IC and some Variable Capacitors so I could adjust it from
    1HZ to up to UHF.You could combine Analog
    and Frequency Modulation and overide there
    Local TV viewing to with some simple A/V
    jacks from you’re TV/SAT reciever.

    To really fuck them in there Transportation
    use a Copper wound Iron core and a TV
    Transformer, and EMP Bomb there cars ECM

  12. Roostoo: I cant get the one from jameco to work at all! Is the wiring scheme the same as the example on the post? I also have a 3v battery, but it may need a full 5v to work. Also, how do you connect the battery to the device? i wrapped copper wire around it and just connected it to the pin sticking out. One more thing – the ground, what does it need to ground to? Does it just touch some other metal object?

  13. Greenflame: How would you make a small Emp for like someone that pissed you off at a light and you wanted to zap there car could you make one from like a 9volt battery or something small ?

  14. The ground goes to the negative part of the battery (underneath the button). 3v-5v goes to top of battery. The the antenna wire just hangs off and goes to nowhere

  15. i swear i have tried every combonation of positive/negative/antenna. Nothing will go out. I have a channel im testing it on which is 100.3 and once i got a little dostortion (but the station is basically fuzzy anyways). My set up is a little copper wire going from each +/- side connected to the battery that is wrapped around the pins on the oscilator. My antenna is just copper wire (about 1.5ft.) wrapped around a pin. For those who have gotten it to work – is the channel completely blocked out so nothing is audible? This is driving me nuts!!! btw i am using a 3v battery, i may go out and get a 5v if i can find one.

  16. i don’t get why everybody’s going crazy and trying to find this certain rare crystal

    why not throw together a resistor/capacitor oscillator with stuff that everybody has?
    its not as precise, of course, but that might be good. also, if you used a pot or a varactor, you could just turn a knob on your jammer until the house next door becomes quiet

  17. the design on the topic’s website is the best. find a 100 mhz oscillator and wire it accordingly, the problem most people are facing is finding a suitable power source and strong antenna.

  18. got my chip today by mouser and it looks nothing like the pick has no leg to solder to just pads guess they send me the wrong chip don’t get the one from the uper link from mouser does not work or look like the one in the pick

  19. well been working on the chip from mouser and well all I’v gotten when it has power I have to touch the antena wire to the antena of the radio for it to mess up the station so if someone know the link to a chip that actualy works please let me know thanks.

  20. trimbandit: hey got the one from mouser did not work could you help me out your around jameco could you pick me one up and send it to me they want $10shipping just to get one from them please let me know would like to try this out thanks just lost out on the one from mouser :(

  21. I got an oscillator from a 2.4ghz phone I had. It should work if I just remove it, apply power and use an antenna right? This would be used for jamming wifi.

  22. ati: you got what you ordered, on mouser there types. the pads are mostly for flat connections, its the same thing as the legs so it should work aswell.

    phuct: careful with 2.4ghz, i think it might mess up pace makers, but post what happens when you get it wired.

  23. ending: I tried the one from mouser but I have to tough the antena from the chip to the the antena on the radio to mess it up will not work with out touching the radio

  24. well i finally made mine, and it only screws up the signals around stations near the 100 mhz band, not the entire FM band. My antennea is 80 cm as well and yet my range isnt that great, so im thinking about making some kind of intensifier for it…
    overall i still like this hack, its simple and sweet, and i was lucky to find my crystal oscillator at the local Fry’s

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