Coin To Bling Conversion

Coin Ring

now this is truely going beyond the boundries of hacking. to even conjure up this kind of hack is not only awesome, but technically illegal because you can’t destroy money here in the USA. Well if you’re willing to risk breaking that law (we sure are) and you’ve got a silver dollar handy (or a quarter works we’ve gotten emails about). you just basically, bend the coin inward, polish the outside like a ring, then hollow out the inside to fit your finger.

thanks [AJ] and to all readers for letting us know how to identify currency <3

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

ok this is totally unofficial and spur of the moment, but let me explain this tomfoolery.

since i started writing for hackaday and jason has become a father full time (congratulations so much by the way), it’s been a very interesting transition for me and i’m loving all you readers more and more. the tips and comments (good or bad) i truely appreciate and it shows that whether you love or hate the hack of the day, you’re here for good fun hacks.

so…we’re going to try this whole “lazy afternoons” thing. basically, you send in your hack, and during the afternoon, i check my gmail, see what’s up, find an interesting and (here’s the important part) easy to make hack, and post your hack up here for all hackaday readers to try out for themselves. not everyone can afford $600 for an android head, let alone know how to solder even sometimes. that’s ok. the important part is that you’re interested. so i present to you:

the world’s simplest FM radio jammer sent in by [megabite1]
FM Radio Jammer
we’ve all been there before. maybe we’ve even been guilty of it, but there will always be that person with the radio blasting unwanted music at a time that is not convienient for us. don’t get me wrong here, i don’t mind the occasional Run DMC “hard times” at 2am, but sometimes I need that sleep. so with a 100mhz crystal oscillator and a piece of wire acting as an antenna stuck in it, you can properly jam all 100mhz FM stations and apparently possibly the whole FM band. he says these are a bit hard to find, but dig around or try a place like mouser for one. either way, it’s good for some temporary relief when you need peace and quiet.

so until next time hackers, enjoy your lazy afternoon and keep sending in hacks. we love ’em. no worries, hackaday links will return soon.

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