The Dirkon Paper Camera

Dirkon Camera

now this is something. apparently back in the 1970s when communism was all the rage, it was hard to get a hold of decent magazines so people would share them. one magazine though roughly translated to “An ABC of Young Technicians and Natural Scientists” published an article showing how to make a fully functional camera out of stiff paper. yes, its 35mm too. it’s called the “Dirkon” paper camera and obviously bears a pun to the tune of nikon. there’s even a few sample photos to go along with how to make it. we wanna see someone make a modern day one

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there’s rackmount servers, then there’s rackmount nintendo [Jon]

not quite virtual boy, but it’ll look the same. bust out some insanely cool images with a digital mechanical laser projector [m0th]

the mini cooper has come a long way. but the original was one small car, one that apparently was a great idea for making a gigantic lifesized robot that looks like it’s out to kill everyone [carson]

we’ve all gotten lost in the woods before. however, now we can get lost a make a fire because with a coke can and a chocolate bar, you can light anything you want on fire. awesome. [Joachim]

parallel lcd fun doesn’t always come cheap, but it’s still fun. [ian]