Cracking WEP


Tom’s Networking is running a two part series on how to crack WEP. WEP was pretty much broken from the early days of wireless networking. For starters the key length is misleading; a 64-bit key only has 40 unique bits. Some manufactures implemented poor random number generation. The seeds for the numbers are also reused which would never happen in good cryptography. This article covers the techniques the the feds used when they cracked a WEP key in three minutes. This works by grabbing a properly encrypted packet and then constantly sending it back to the access point generating more traffic. The more traffic you can capture the faster you can crack the network. Check out the article. I’ll be trying this out in the future when I get a Prism2 card and that DirecTV antenna wired up.

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Hackaday Links


ahh, it’s nice and sunny out. it’s a great day for some links, especially since i got hit by a car yesterday! i’ve had plenty of time to think of some links since laying on my couch all day in pain!

anyone know how to hack pain? how about neosporin? anyone?

i know some of you still have your psone lcd laying around. put it to good use. [joachim]
again, more xbox live for the poor man. [greg]

ahh yes. in the wee hours of the night, i was watching the matrix: reloaded. wasn’t that highway chase so cool? especially since they built 2 miles of highway from scratch? well here it is on google maps. very interesting. looks like they took down the sound barriers too.

internet explorer flaws?! who would imagine.
what a rediculous ipod. though i guess it was only a matter of time…

Skype is offering you US$9 Million!

it’s about to rain…i better use this ultra-dope umbrella.

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