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The RIAA/MPAA empire has been tearing down tracker sites left and right; making tracker operation a risky proposition. Distributed tracking guarantees the torrents on these sites will be available even when the site tracker is down. Distributed tracking also makes publishing content easier. Instead of posting a .torrent file to a tracker site you can publish to a distributed tracker. Then you just post the .torrent file on your blog/fan site/forum. You don’t even have to go that far. Azureus can generate a “magnet:” link for any bittorrent file it is currently tracking. Anybody can open that link in their Azureus client and the .torrent file will be retreived directly from the database. I think this system will be great for people publishing their original works since they won’t have to provide lots of bandwidth or rely on someone’s flakey tracker. Recently support was added to the official client and many more will probably follow. Azureus explains the magic after the jump. Give it a read if you’re not too busy downloading crappy RotS cam movies. (EDIT: I guess there is a workprint out there, so the quality is probably pretty good)

11 thoughts on “Distributed Bittorrent

  1. nice to know bit torrent is a work in progress, and only getting better. But because of all the distributed-ness of it all, it is hard to co-ordinate. Hopfully this will aleviate some of the problems

  2. the best thing about bittorrents was the centralized – ness of it, thus meaning it is oleess likly for us to get court in the act :).

    But when this distrubited stuff comes it becomes decentralized ie like P2P so the client can now be trageted not just the server.

    BitComet for me :D

  3. RIAA/MPAA are alreadly targeting clients on bit torrent, they can see ur ip like u can see other peoples when u download. The distributed-ness of azureus doesnt make a difference to that.

    but if u really want, i think u can turn the database off.

    As for private trackers im not a big fan of them but because of the rules, download speeds are increased. Also there is infomation on the azureus web site which shows tracker owner how to stop clients using the distributed database with the torrents on there tracker.

  4. if you want to inscrease your upload ratio with azureus there is a real easy way which works with most BT sites. go to the console window uncheck everything except for tracker hit the update tracker button and you should see tracker is requesting http://(bittorrentsite)/announce.php******************

    copy and paste this into your browser window then you will see how much you have uploaded and downloaded in bytes before you submit the link just changed the amount uploaded in here and bingo you will now be one of the greatest seeders.

  5. maybe I stand alone on this one. I’m thinking hack with Opensource, not hack opensource. Maybe leaving hacking and pirating opensource to the only malicious hacker in the world Bill Gates.

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