WEP Cracking Illustrated

whoppix crack

There’s a couple great WEP cracking walkthroughs that have appeared recently.  The first is included in the From the Shadows Box 3.0 episode. Humphrey Cheung, who wrote the WEP cracking article we covered earlier, explains how the process works and gives a demo of it in action. The camera work is shaky and out of focus so you should check out the Whoppix WEP Cracking Demo over at Hacking Defined. The demo is a little less verbose, but the command line commands and results are a lot clearer. I also had no idea what was so great about Unionfs till I saw this video. I hope you guys have a fun weekend with this info; I am still waiting for some antenna parts unfortunately.

[thanks jE]

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Hackcast – Hackaday Podcast 2

this is the best podcast ever made. of course, i’m not completely impartial, so let us know what you think. grab your ipod, download the latest hackcast (mp3), and crank it.

what you’re in for

  • halo hacking – vince interviews redbluefire from trickingit.com
  • hackback – stories from your hackaday peers
  • podcasting on your mac – itunes 4.9 support and why isn’t there a big record button in ichat?
  • the wtf file – crazy emails we get
  • dvd biometrics – copy protection at your fingertips
  • fresh, home baked tunes

be heard in our next podcast

when you’re done with the best 25 minutes of auditory bliss you’ve ever experienced, join in on our next podcast. call 206.888.HACK and tell us a hacking story.  if you would like to do an interview, or if you can’t call the 206 area code, contact me via aim/ichat handle jmstriegel.

listen (25:15, 23.1mb, mp3)

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