Hackcast – Hackaday Podcast 2

this is the best podcast ever made. of course, i’m not completely impartial, so let us know what you think. grab your ipod, download the latest hackcast (mp3), and crank it.

what you’re in for

  • halo hacking – vince interviews redbluefire from trickingit.com
  • hackback – stories from your hackaday peers
  • podcasting on your mac – itunes 4.9 support and why isn’t there a big record button in ichat?
  • the wtf file – crazy emails we get
  • dvd biometrics – copy protection at your fingertips
  • fresh, home baked tunes

be heard in our next podcast

when you’re done with the best 25 minutes of auditory bliss you’ve ever experienced, join in on our next podcast. call 206.888.HACK and tell us a hacking story.  if you would like to do an interview, or if you can’t call the 206 area code, contact me via aim/ichat handle jmstriegel.

listen (25:15, 23.1mb, mp3)

41 thoughts on “Hackcast – Hackaday Podcast 2

  1. really good, ive been reading hackaday for awhile now and this complemented the text and links you give on the site everyday…it also kept me not bored while i was rearranging my cd collection.

  2. I agree that the music was a bit loud when compared to your voices. I’d just make the speaking volume higher though, instead of getting rid of the music outright. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the podcast. Keep it up.

    Also, I’m thinking I need to find me a copy of that Hackers movie now. :D

  3. I may be missing the point but you basically took 5 minutes worth of reading and slapped some music on it to waste a half hour of my time. Am I missing something here? I don’t get the point, and don’t give me that “you don’t get it it isn’t for you” crap legitimately defend it. While the interview was a bit soft, it was by far the most interesting part of this cast, so guys leave the soft news to CNN and just pod cast interviews, the rest is just a waste of bandwidth.

  4. josh,

    sorry you felt this was a waste of a good half hour. i’ve had a lot of really positive response from people that claim it was entertaining and fun to listen to. i aim to please, though, and i want each podcast to be better than the last, so here are a couple thoughts.

    1) this podcast will be different from most everything else you will hear. we’re focusing on stories from hackaday readers and interviews with fellow hackers.

    2) if you want interviews with bill gates, go check out the engadget podcasts (they are fantastic). if you want to hear great stories about the amazing hacks people come up with, you need to get on the phone and contribute a story that you would like to hear.

    3) we’ve got a hacker culture, here, that is about sharing ideas and creating incredible things. there is plenty of broadcast-style material available out there – just turn on the tv. hackaday is dynamic and is about involvement, and the podcasts will reflect that.

    in short, if everyone fails to participate, the show will fail. that said, we’ve got umpteen thousand readers (soon to be listeners) and i have no doubt that you will all rise to the challenge and help make this show the best on the net.

    send in a story: 206-888-hack. you’ll have 5 minutes to leave a message.

    and to the few of you who act like you’ve never made a long distance call before, puh-leeeze. if you’re in the u.s. and you have a good hack to share, you have no reason not to call. …and keeping a good hack to yourself is borderline criminal.


  5. haha… i like how other people are telling you how to do your own podcasts.

    seriously guys (and by “guys” i mean josh), if you dont like it, you dont have to listen to it. you could have shut off your media player as soon as you realized you didnt like it, and been on your merry way flaming on some other message board.

  6. Alright the flaiming was rather unintended, and the post exceedingly harsh, but I was trying to be validly critical of something that was a lot of effort not put towards pursuing more of the high quality hacks that have been posted on this blog.

    Any way, I am not trying to flame; just want to know what it is that was so amazing about podcasting. It is a rather random appliaction time and energy. On the other hand the quality of the audio was great, and you could definately do some great audio books with that quality of prduction.

  7. josh,

    thanks for your comments. the subject is definitely worth discussing. like you said, it’s a _lot_ of effort.

    i’m not entirely convinced that the podcast is going to be a success, but there’s only one way to find out: try and make the best, most inspiring, most entertaining show and see how listeners react. if people decide it’s worthwhile enough to spend 3 minutes of their time and contribute, it’ll be awesome. if they don’t, well, we’ll try something else.

    there are things i really like about the podcast experience. in the format we are working on, you’ll get to hear from people that are creating cool things.. and you’ll hear the story from them, in their own voice.

    additionally, if people call in and talk about a hack that they really liked, and what they enjoyed about it or how it inspired them, hackers will get to hear this first hand. hopefully it will give them more ideas and it will be encouraging, positive feedback.

    i’m a big fan of radio shows like “science friday” and “this american life”. if we can figure out how to create a great listening/discussion experience for the hacker audience, it’ll be an incredible success.

    josh, please send in a call. say what you like or don’t like about the show, what you’d like to see in it, or just mention your favorite hack that you’ve seen on hackaday and why it was important to you. i guarantee you’ll help improve the next show.


  8. Liked the podcast. The music was a bit loud, had to keep adjusting the volume. Question, why the 128bit rate? It made for a rather large file. I’ll assume it was for the music. Great job, keep it up.

  9. Dude, don’t listen to the idiots saying that the podcast sucked. THEY sucked. I’ll bet their just jealous. The podcast was AWESOME!!! I especially enjoyed the what the f*ck files. The music in it was perfect, people who couldn’t hear it need to check their EQ settings. I had my iPod set on Rock and everything sounded fine. No problems hearing the speaking at all. The inerview was the best part. AWESOME dudes. 12 out of 10. Keep em’ coming! Can’t wait for the next one.

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