Linux on Microsoft MN-700 router


Gather round folks and watch as reader Liam beats a Microsoft MN-700 router into submission. The router normally runs a Windows CE based operating system and is considered problematic on its good days. The install is pretty involved (more so than a WRT), but when complete you can install any of the firmwares compatible with the ASUS WL500G, like openWRT. You have to open the router and attach a cable to the JTAG connector. After that you upgrade the bootloader so you can install the firmware. Not really out of reach if you’re desperate; if you own this router you probably are.

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HOW-TO: Add an auxilary jack to your car

Auxilary Car Jack

Hello readers and welcome to another HOW-TO article. I originally was planning on doing the CVS Disposable Camcorder Hack, but it’s only 90% done. To answer questions of can it be reused?: Yes, it can. But if you want to see it in action, I’ll have it out and working at the first ever Hackaday meetup on Thursday. Come on out and see how it’s done or if you can’t make it, I’ll have it up next Tuesday for you guys.

But now we’re talkin’ audio. Sweet crisp sounding liquid music