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hello hello people. i’ve got a quick announcement before i release the HOWTO for today. i realized that this thursday i have to go to Gameriot at the TLA in Philadelphia. I also want to try something new this week. I want to have the meeting for Philadelphia on Friday. This way you cant use an excuse like class or whatever!  Look for official meetings posted on Wednesdays from now on in along with lazy afternoons.

Take care! Hackaday is getting very busy!

UPDATE: Get your meeting information in to me!!! Tonight preferably. I’m sitting here setting up the meeting list and what not. Please include the following info and dont use the comments for posting info, send it to me and a post will be made about it!

Let me know:
Where it’s at, What time, What day, What date, What you guys are talking about and discussing, What city, What country, What state, and Who to contact about the meeting (gimme an e-mail and name)

53 thoughts on “Hackaday Announcement

  1. Personally, I’m interested in the camera hack because I could then buy 10 of them for $250, and video the same event (for example, a band’s show at a rock club) from 10 different angles at the same time instead of having to do multiple takes/setups… True, the quality might not be broadcast, but if it’s for a web video or something to be included as rich content on a cd, I’m sure the quality would be fine.

    I haven’t seen any other cameras which would allow me to do that at such a low price… the lowest price camcorder I see on overstock is $130.

    Anyway, the site is awesome, so I personally don’t care if this particular article is done yet… just pointing out WHY people are clamoring for it.

  2. it’s a shame vince isn’t gay-iv’e never seen so many guys have a circle jerk at the same time. seems like a wasted effort. all you folks busy sucking penis should try getting someone like a girlfriend to reassure,instead of web site operators you’ve never met.

  3. jamima69 shut the hell up! I’d love to freakin’ see you blog. “Well today I’ve just discovered a new search engine called google.com. Its sooo cool.” If you don’t like the site, do freakin’ go on it. GO AWAY! We (hopefully most people on here agree) don’t want you here you’re never polite and your always bitching. If you want the camcorder hack so bad, go do it yourself. l4mer. oh by the way google “1337” because in #20, “t3h 1n73rn3t” that 1337 for “teh internet.” So shut up and learn something and quit acting like such a freakin’ n00b. dammit you get me so mad.

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