This Week In Reverse

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Okay, so it’s more like two weeks in reverse, but we’ll see how far we get. Read on for more wallpaper, selected comments and other interesting bits.

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First an announcement: [tired] has started the UNOFFICIAL Hack-a-day IRC channel. Just join #hackaday on efnet. Some people have been having trouble because of the channel name. If this happens try a different server.

I plan on being online Sunday 7:00PM EST for some Q&A if anybody is interested.

In a related note: Weblogs Inc. has started testing out webchat software. If you visit TV Squad, Cinematical, TUAW, or AdJab you’ll find the login box at the top of the page. All of those pages will take you to the same place. It’s a pretty sick piece of flash voodoo supporting audio and video. There is a dedicated Hack-A-Day chatroom so have a look. I’ll try to be there for the rest of my work day so stop in and say hello.
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I’m amazed by the huge response the padlock “picking” post got. I think partial credit for that should go to [x04d] for throwing his video together within an hour of the post going up. Check out the comments for some interesting experiences with locks.

[chad] pointed out that you don’t need to crack open your GPS sled if you’re just going to use it as a simple receiver. Check out his guide for wiring up a serial cable.
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[unemploymentdude] sent along an FM transmitter with a 1Km range in case you weren’t able to get the FCCs attention with the one we posted.
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It looks like last week’s Philly meetup went really well. I’m sure you saw [juan]’s video and hopefully we’ll get some more from tonight. I’d personally like to thank Adam from  and his friend for stopping by to acknowledge that I’m not the only hacker in Nebraska.
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Here is a little bonus for sticking around: the Hack-A-Day Firefox search plugin. Just place the two files in your “searchplugins” directory and you should be good to go. I just followed these instructions to build it.
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That’s it for wallpaper. There were a couple other graphics that got sent in. [Shark500] made a modified banner and name tag. [surfer] created a Hack-A-Day stamp you can use to brand other images.

Well, I think for the next batch of image submissions we should do pictures of work areas. Here is [niki vc]’s “clean” room for inspiration. Just e-mail your photos to me directly with the subject line “deskshot”.

I’d like to thank everyone that has sent in stories and hopefully you’ll send in more (it has been kinda slow lately, but we’re not alone). I’ll see everyone on IRC this Sunday. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend.

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  1. Sucks all of the wallpapers on HaD are hosted at a 3rd party: What’s worse, is they’re all dead links. I was going to use one on a Linux box I just set up. :(

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