Staff Of Doom

walking stick

Yeah, I nearly labeled it “Staff of doomed social life”. John, a Penn state undergrad, whipped together this glowing walking stick. Okay “whipped’ is an understatement; he bothered to model it in Rhino before assembly. So, if you’re bored with building lightsabers or you’re just tired of the balrogs in your basement this is the project for you. Keep up the good work John and for your sake I hope I don’t see “gandalfkid.wmv” in my inbox anytime soon.

[thanks Deepomega]

8 thoughts on “Staff Of Doom

  1. maybe this is kind of a sad commentary about me, but a couple of friends and i built staves like this in 1980 for a halloween costume party. instead of wiring blue leds to illuminate a crystal (which looks really cool, btw) we wired it up to an estes rocket ignitor and a packet of crumbled solid rocket fuel. (kids, don’t try this at home! do it at a friend’s house…)

    anyway, for wiring we used enameled wire unwound from an old transformer that we then buried in knife slits along the length of the staff from the top to the place where the handhold was. this allowed us to have a tiny hidden switch to light the explosive charge. the kinfe slits were covered with wood putty, then the whole staff was sanded, stained and lacquered.

    it was all good fun until a buddy singed his eyebrows off. then it was great fun with a burnt-hair smell!

  2. looks great, but was disappointed over the on/off switch. should have used a magnetic switch internally(similar to whats used on window and door security sensors), then had a ring on your hand, or even a metal band with a magnet that could be slid down into place.

  3. I made a staff like this myself… a PVC pipe, 8 D Cell batteries, a blue under-lit compass below a Plasma ball for the top. My non-geek friend calls it the “Staff of Virginity”. It does get a lot of attention at conventions though.

  4. Hey; I’m the John who built the staff; just wanted to make a couple of comments. First, the Rhino work was all done several weeks after the fact (I hadn’t done much modeling in a while and wanted to refresh my memory). Second, I do intend to do something different with the switch; a magnetic switch sounds like a good idea. (That’s why it’s still taped on; any type of switch can go in there to replace it; the wire leads are long and the cavity is decent.)

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