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hello fellow readers. it’s pouring outside so i can’t cook any links! thankfully, i have my george forman grill here so i’ll be preparing some right away.

kid who 0wned microsoft confesses all. he’s my age. beautiful. [h1dro]
homemade pool heater. very nice, but i personally wouldn’t do it. [sean]
make your own self-flying..airplane….i apologize in advance. [theo]

this is the real wooden ipod. beyond impressive…belongs in a bmw. [geoff]
pc world previewed longhorn. sucks of course.
pretty awesome console conversions from this dude. [noname]

Play your CDs on an old PC CD-ROM drive. mucop. check it. [camzmac]

14 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Bucky, the $700 piece of equipment is more than just a wireless router. It’s a small, multi-purpose, headless computer. While that also describes my Linksys WRT-54G router, mine doesn’t have a PCMCIA port for the cellular subscriber card. That’s the real catch. You could perform a similar stunt by using a small/old mobile computer with PCMIA linked up to a wireless router, but the net4521 combines the two into a sleek package. Are there any hacks out there to add PCMCIA to Linksys routers? Or, perhaps, a small device that just provided PCMCIA and linked up via ethernet like a wireless bridge?

  2. okay, the self flying airplane page is just wrong :) “the flies will have never experienced anything like this” {giggling uncontrollably while gluing flies to a matchstick airplane} i wanted to ask them about their collective experience, but the plane went down, and unfortunately all passengers (and ‘engines’) were consumed in the flaming wreckage.

  3. LOL @ bo0ndocksaint

    I guess I didn’t rtfa carefully enough. thanks for those replies. I’m sure it won’t be too long before someone releases a hack and some linux drivers for the wrt-54g router. :)

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