Guitar Effects Pedals

guitar effects

Here are some really simple projects for building guitar effects pedals. I mean REALLY simple. I’m sure that a little more than this goes into the brightly colored commercial boxes and there is always room for some gouging. Unfortunately this site seems to have stagnated. I’d like to see more simple effects like this, but I’m guessing the curator got a little burnt out building circuits using pixel art.

[thanks alex]

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Hackaday Links


hello fellow readers. it’s pouring outside so i can’t cook any links! thankfully, i have my george forman grill here so i’ll be preparing some right away.

kid who 0wned microsoft confesses all. he’s my age. beautiful. [h1dro]
homemade pool heater. very nice, but i personally wouldn’t do it. [sean]
make your own self-flying..airplane….i apologize in advance. [theo]

this is the real wooden ipod. beyond impressive…belongs in a bmw. [geoff]
pc world previewed longhorn. sucks of course.
pretty awesome console conversions from this dude. [noname]

Play your CDs on an old PC CD-ROM drive. mucop. check it. [camzmac]

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Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot

junxion box

Our buddy Mike Outmesguine over at the wireless weblog has just posted his Popular Science article on building a backpack based wireless access point.  The backpack is solar powered and uses a JunxionBox to bridge a wireless access point to the EVDO network. The JunxionBox is a commercial solution that parallels the StompBox we covered earlier. This isn’t Mike’s first outing with the box; Feel free to check out his other adventure.

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