Mac SE/30 Linux Web Server


It looks like old Pentium boxes aren’t the only systems being relegated to web server duties. This is a supposedly easy install of Debian ‘woody’. The Linux distro can not be booted directly and needs to be started from OS 7.5.3. The guide gives some handy tips on what security upgrades need to be installed. I’m guessing most highschools finally threw these out last year, but you may still luck out.

[thanks MarkDavid]

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

hey guys, hope your 4th weekend rocked. after finally trudging back home, i’ve become insanely busy! the hackaday stickers got messed up (nothing printed, just a problem) so i’m fixing that right now. i’m getting stuff ready for defcon which will take tons of planning. then, i’ve gotta get a hotel conference room booked for the next hackaday meetup in philadelphia