Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

hey guys, hope your 4th weekend rocked. after finally trudging back home, i’ve become insanely busy! the hackaday stickers got messed up (nothing printed, just a problem) so i’m fixing that right now. i’m getting stuff ready for defcon which will take tons of planning. then, i’ve gotta get a hotel conference room booked for the next hackaday meetup in philadelphia

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  1. haha that alarm clock was cool and its pretty funny because you go into that site and then there is a link to learn about poe back on your website. I actually learned something about poe from this hehe

  2. im fairly new to this stuff… but dont consider me a noob… im not gonna ask anyone to hack my gf’s email. (if i cared that much i would teach myself) i just like to read and learn what i can. also I just wanted to say that you have an excelent site here… its helped alot. cant wait to get the shirt… if im worthy

  3. Another way to get around the Get It Now feature with Verizon is to use Smash The Tones (http://mobile17.smashsworld.com/) it’s completely free (aside from the charge of sending a picture message [25cents]). Just pick your service provider, type of phone, and then upload your media to the site and wait for it to be delivered to your phone. You can choose from MP3s, MIDIs, JPEGs, GIF, and PNGs all to be sent to your phone as a ringtone or background. The wait can be anywhere from a minute to two hours depending on the time of day you do it. But, it’s free, so it’s worth the wait.

  4. I know this is technically unrelated to this particular post, but did I miss something, or did they never post the CVS disposable cam hack? Wasn’t that supposed to be posted on the site, or was that just a meetup thing, or am I way off? If it was posted, and I missed it, could someone please provide a link, because I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks.

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