Typewriter Keyboard

type keyboard

Here is a full conversion of a typewriter into a computer keyboard. There’s actually something more nefarious at work here. Since you can still use the typewriter normally after the mod, Erik has essentially made a typewriter keystroke logger.  Okay, so that isn’t really a threat, but this is a nice project that tries to overcome the stress inducing on/off nature of modern keyboards. All it needs now is a buffer and some nixie tubes and we’d have the coolest word processor yet.

[thanks ron]

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Hackaday Podcast 03

Podcast 03

the third official hackaday podcast is now out! you can download it here or on iTunes. we’ll be talking about everything from defcon, to the internet going down in pakistan, to the guy who made furniture out of fedex boxes. it clocks in at 33 minutes of vince and eliot goodness so what are you waiting for already? give it a listen!

download hackaday podcast 03

Update: iTunes still sucks but you can download it above! woohoo!

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

well it’s been chaotic lately in both the hackaday and real world! before i throw some info at you guys as always, let me throw you a few fresh links instead!

down or upgrade your psp firmware. great for homebrew [DASGames]
i know you guys love lifehacking, so here: go make t-shirts into fancy underwear. [xytec]
holy. crap. top gun all the way right here. [4*3]
make your own microphone and be the next bo bice! (coke not included) [superlevel]
really simple but sleek looking ethernet LED mod! cool beans. [pillowcase]
the detachable steering wheel project [camzmac]
google maps does it again!!! this time, track hurricanes with gmaps. here’s the track for hurricane dennis. [geoff]

alberta declares that keystroke logging is illegal. whoa. good i suppose?

lastly, make a cardboard folding chair. we swear it’s hip. [kolwon]

so, look out later today because ahhh…you might see a podcast. probably. we’ll give you the lowdown. the rss feeds aren’t ready yet, but we’ll still upload it and throw it on iTunes. so keep checking back relentlessly!

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