hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

i should change the logo since these have become official now. anyways, looks like you guys are dying for some buttons! they are not for sale though.

they are for free! this is how you can score a few before defcon (maybe):
send a SASE (self addressed, stamped envelope) to the following address. this means send me a paid and addressed envelope so i dont have to pay any money or do any work. i throw buttons in the envelope, you guys get some! include a note if you want.

send your SASEs to:
Vince Veneziani
3514 Spring Garden St. APT A24
Philadelphia, PA 19104

If you wanna pick some up in person, I’ll be throwing a mini-hackaday meeting tonight in Philadelphia probably. In center city. if you’re interested, e-mail me directly. you can score yours easier than a blind chick with no hands (ouch).

as for today’s lazy afternoon, it’s gonna be different. we’d like to try out a thing we’re ripping off from every other WIN site called “Ask Hackaday”

here’s how it works:
leave your questions in the comments, we’ll answer them in podcast form every week. so go for it. ask us anything from questions about hacking, to opinions on things, to our favorite food.

enjoy. now start licking stamps. if you luck out, you may get the stickers too if they come in time!

62 thoughts on “hackaday lazy afternoons

  1. hey guys just wondering im probably going to go with 2 stamps on the Sase but i don’t know if you guys want any cash for the buttons please email me to clear this up

    ohhh and if your play Counter-Strike:Source you would like my site it’s for my clan

  2. Q: So I’m getting a new computer, and I want to use my old P3, 512MB box as an entertainment center. I know there are a lot of good Linux builds for this purpose, I was wondering what everyone thought the best was?

    Side note: I have to agree with the many comments before. I come here to read the hacks. Links are nice everynow and then. I don’t really care about meetings. Use forums for that stuff and the homepage for your hacks b/c that’s what has gotten everyone here in the first place.

  3. Stop your whining about the advertising, a lot of the best sites out there have ads. it’s not a big hassle to click on one button if you really love the site. it may just be me, but i can put that aside for this site. even if they don’t have one hack a day, which they almost always do, they always make up for that with the hack-a-day links.

  4. I don’t know if you’ve remarked about this before or not butcould anyone point me to the best way to use the free wifi here in philly? My sister uses a netgear wireless usb reciever but the signal is internitten and always weak. Any help would be appreciated and I love this site thanks for all the stuff I have learned and cool tips I picked up.

  5. Sure, it starts with being able to call for pizza from the park. Text messaging is great. WAP, yeah, it’s okay, I guess. Hacks are all about adding functionality. Today, most cell phones are tiny smart devices with great portablity, small size, decent processing power, color screens, support for adding applications, and often, GPS. They can be connected to external devices, both with and without wires. Some have bluetooth and irda. The prospect for hacks should be huge, but sadly, some carriers artificially restrict their phone’s performance. So, two part question:

    1) Who, in the US, has the most hackable wireless service/wireless phones?
    2) What is the coolest wireless phone/device hack you’ve seen in recent memory?

  6. I read earlier that you were in Philly now, but I didn’t realize how close.

    3514 Spring Garden? I live on 35th and Powelton. Guess I’ll have to come to one of the hackaday get togethers sometime.

  7. Hello hackers of hack a day, I would really like one of these cool hack a day badges but I live in australia and was wondering IF i did send you a envelope, how much postage would I need? (can you send using aus post stamps) and if you will send it to australia?

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