Scribbler Bot

scribbler bot

The Scribbler Bot was inspired by a flash toy called scribbler. Scribbler lets you make a simple line drawing and then generates a more complex drawing by applying a set of algorithms. The Scribbler Bot moves the drawing into the physical world. It is a simple two axis plotter using two stepper motors and a control board. The plotter wasn’t intended to be very accurate since the shuddering adds a new level of complexity to the drawing. The plotter control is through a Dreamweaver plugin, but it should be able to take any binary feed. Thanks to Douglas McDonald for the cool project and for scribbling out our logo in ball-point pen.

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Hackaday Links

I am about to head out to see Murderball, but don’t think I’ve neglected the links for today.

Is your hard drive toast? Maybe not. [phuzzy3d]
The x86 still. Sure it is constantly overheating, but that is what the reset button is for. [Tired2]
Use your PC as a loader for Playstation 2 HDLoader. [kevin]
Brain-Wave Machine? [camzmac]
Cubicle light controller [Brent Bublitz]
Fixing flash drive corruptions [anonymous]

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