Use Google VPN With Non-Google Servers

[Geuis] has posted full instructions on modding Google secure access to connect to other VPNs. You’ll need the client, a VPN server, a website to run PHP, and a hex editor.

8 thoughts on “Use Google VPN With Non-Google Servers

  1. i’m kind of skeptical of the hex editing method, plus having to make your url exactly 34 characters. if we’re already sitting on a private network and need a server with PHP, why not spoof a DNS entry internally to reroute the vpn ip request to our own server?

  2. >> i don’t get it. what does he get out of this? what’s the point?

    Did you read the article?
    It says “they reserve the right to monitor and store any traffic used on their networks.”
    So you can use their client but not through their VPN servers.

    Sure you could use your own, so to answer your second question…again in the article if you read it:
    “is really meant to show it can be done, rather than to make the GSA client into an all-purpose VPN client”


  3. Just a quick question to the hackaday crowd. I’m on a college campus and want to share a printer with several friends. Unfortunately, our network is set up in such a way that simply having the same workgroup name won’t allow file/print sharing. However, windows XP VPN works great. Down side is only one client can connect at a time. Does anyone know how else to go about doing this? Either multiple VPN clients or another method of print sharing?

  4. totally. it’s always fun to watch people make openvpn work through two layers of NAT on each side or a bunch of stateful firewalls :) ie something that hamachi deals with completely on its own.

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