Hackaday links

Did you see my links yesterday? I screwed up the timestamp and sent the post back in time. Then my Gentoo install ran out of disk space and decided to eat itself. Here’s what you can delete to make room on your Gentoo install. Now I’m doing a long needed “emerge -vuDN world”. I’ll let you know when that finishes next week.

[bEN Newham] decided our rackmounted stereo was too complex. He made his own version. Yes, that is a jar of pesto being used as a standoff.

We’ve been nominated for a “Best of the Blogs” award. In the niche category “Best Weblog”. You can’t vote yet so who cares?

I really like the dock that [Abe] made for his Nano. It was inspired by [Kevin]’s.

There have been a lot of “crammed a motherboard into an NES” projects, but this one bothered to integrate the original switches and connectors. [jon]

How-to directly download iTunes videos [h-tech]

Add Airport/Bluetooth to your Mac Mini [ian]

The more, the merrier

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Home built composite bike

composite bike

[Blind tree frog] sent in two great links. The first is a full write up that resulted in the bike pictured above. It was hand built by laying carbon fiber over aluminum tubes and could be made for $600. The second is a more traditional triangular frame bike that was constructed by following the original article. Both bikes are beautiful pieces of work.

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