PSP Firmware Guide

If [Fluke]’s comment is correct, then the Sony PSP 2.01 firmware is already in the wild. Here is a handy Hack-A-Day guide so you can tell at a glance whether you should upgrade your firmware. All you have to do is compare the firmware version number to the previous release:

  • If the first digit has changed (1.5 -> 2.0) then Sony has gotten around to adding a major feature that should have been available since the product’s initial release (web browser). Thanks to the magic of firmware upgrades manufacturers can leave lots of features out of product launches.

  • If the second digit has changed (1.0 -> 1.5) then Sony has released the hardware in your country. The games aren’t region-locked so there is really no reason for the launch delay.

  • If the third digit has changed (2.00 -> 2.01) then Sony has decided that you’ve been having entirely too much fun with your hardware without their help and are determined to re-break it.

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