JuiceBox Custom Linux Cart

rom cart

The JuiceBox is a personal video player that was sold by Mattel that no one cared about. It was capable of playing MP3s off of an SD card and this summer you could pick them up for cheap as retailers dumped their stocks. [prpplague] has been hard at work creating a custom bootable rom cartridge. The MP3 adapter is a simple pc board with a SD card holder attached to it. The card is modified so the JuiceBox believes it is a video cartridge. An xD memory card is then soldered onto the back to act as storage. Using the JTAG connection on the JuiceBox and a serial console you can flash the bootrom, kernel, and ram disk from the SD card onto the xD. Once flashed the new custom cartridge will work on any JuiceBox. [prpplague] is still cleaning up the flash code, but it should be ready to go shortly.

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Hackaday Links

MAKE:Blog has posted photos from their Make Faire at Euro OSCON. Have a look and you’ll see my co-conspirator Fabienne and regular commenter [Markie]. I know [led] was planning on attending. Did anyone else get a chance to go?

We were included in PC Mag’s Top 101 Web Sites under the category Computing – Experts. From the text it sounds like someone actually reads the site, which makes me even happier. [DigitalDame]

The Duxbury high school hacking contest entry deadline was the 14th. Have a look at some of the projects.

[Aleksandyr] wonders why anyone would settle for less than full cellphone SSH. You could even use J2MEVNC if you’re crazy enough.

VGA over Cat5 He says 800×600 works at over 50ft. [jubilantjeremy]

Google Random Number Generator [ravidgemole]

Beautiful mechanical clock that is accurate for 10k years

Palm pilot controlled tattoo machine [dANIEL]

[eric]’s guide for destroying CDs using duct tape.

A roundup of all of the ways to add a Firefox download counter to your site

The tip line

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