Bluetooth Stereo Bridge

bluetooth mouse

[Chris] had made a sturdy mount in his car for his iPAQ. He uses the iPAQ for directions and playing mp3s. After nearly ripping apart his line-in cable every time he took the iPAQ out of its cradle he decided to create a wireless solution. He chopped up a pair of HP FA303A Bluetooth headphones to extract the receiver portion. The headphone’s band is prone to breaking so it might be possible to find a damaged pair for cheap. The receiver was placed into an old mouse. Once the buttons were hooked up to the mouse buttons and a voltage regulator added the unit was ready to start streaming audio directly to the stereo.

9 thoughts on “Bluetooth Stereo Bridge

  1. Sometimes you read an article and although it has no immediate use, it can give you a simple idea you never thought of before. I don’t have an ipaq, but all those wireless gadgets have to break sooner or later, don’t they? they can be a great source to scavenge a wireless transmitter/receiver. Do i see a sense of fear in my wireless mouse?

    *picking up scalpel*

    oh yeah, it’s fear allright!

  2. iPaq doesnt have enough space on even a 1gb sd card to be usefull for music. I take my rio riot in the car with me. 20gb hd with a belkin male to male audio cable to the reciever. works great.

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