Proximity Card Spoofer

proximity toy
It is really hard to find good information online about proximity cards. I’m sure some companies consider this obscurity a form of security, but Jonathan Westhues demonstrates how severely flawed that notion is. He found a data sheet mentioning a 125kHz carrier frequency. He was off and running from there, eventually building a device that can read and repeat a proximity card’s data. It’s been argued that RFID technology is safe because of the short read distance. Jon actually found it easier to passively read cards that were being energized by a legitimate reader than by the device alone. Make sure you check out his home built PCB mill while you’re at the site.

[Thanks barbobot]

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Hackaday Links


pardon me for not offering fresh links yesterday! emergencies come up now and then and yesterday was then. so, today I’ve got some great links that will haver you grinning ear to ear.

ipod linux like what? super easy for the os x users out there with this utility. [Superlevel]

it is a pretty lazy afternoon…so why not make a fake car alarm for your ride [anonymous]

you know it’s gotten popular when the manufacturers start throwing ideas at you [jake]

Linux is now running on the Nintendo DS. woohoo! [pingu]
interesting encryption methods…very old school
ipod to ipod. simple and fun.
oh linux, you treat us very well. we applaud you.

and we end with something that really is a marvel….the aussies from down under have come up with an encryption method that is 100% unbreakable by using diamonds and fiberoptics. first melbourne, then a phone to ip service, and now this. im moving, who’s with me?

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