Controlling A Cheap Color LCD

spark fun lcd

Spark Fun Electronics has made a name for themselves recently by selling interesting parts like this $20 color LCD. Hack-A-Day reader [Refik Hadzialic] decided to buy one and see how easy it was to use. It is a 128×128 display and should be a clone of the one you would fine in a Nokia 6100. He wired it up to an ATMega32L-PI8 microcontroller. He grabbed source code from a couple different places and eventually got something to work. In the end, the actual control commands seem pretty simple. Refik has been posting a lot of quick projects and info on his site, e-dsp. Have a look.

9 thoughts on “Controlling A Cheap Color LCD

  1. Hey guys, I have a few color lcds, the one I want to use is from a motorola V180…

    Does anybody know how I would go about hooking this up?

    And or where I can get the pcb if one is made?

    Thanks in advance, lemme know @ nick dot pannuto at gmail dot com

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