Xbox 360 Hard Drive Adapter

xbox 360 hard drive adapter

The official Xbox 360 hard drive connector combines a SATA connector and a power connector into one plug. Even though it is proprietary, some clever hackers have found a really easy way to interface with it. Since it is slot based you can just etch contact pads onto a circuit board and plug it in. The hard drive inside uses standard connectors, but this adapter will keep you from opening the case, voiding your warranty. It will also be much quicker to use daily. You can use Xplorer360 to get full read/write access to the drive. They’re selling the adapter in kit form for $17 and assembled for $20, but the high res pics show how easy this is if you just want to build it yourself.

[via xbox-scene]

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25 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Hard Drive Adapter

  1. Can this also make your own hard drive function the same as the Xbox 360 hard drive, allowing for gamesaves and all the features that the 20GB XB drive had, and that was left out of the connecting your own USB drives?

    Am I making sense?

  2. wow awesome now just tell me what kind of SATA drives this works with and It may be worth it to buy Xbox360 considering this and all the other hacks already available.

  3. You cannot add a new hd to the 360, at least not yet. the 20gb size is hardcoded so even if you added a new drive it would still format it to 20gb afaik. this device is good for transferring game saves from your xbox 1 and maybe some future hacks. all the xbl content downloaded is connected to your system, even the demos so you won’t be able to just copy a downloaded arcade game off your hd onto someone else’s.

  4. wow. This is seriously impressive.
    This is exactly the kind of thing I want to see from any kind of homebrew team working on cracking a console. an easy in is the first step for a wide acceptance of homebrew. Congrats. this makes me very happy. :]

  5. hmmm…. after actually reading the comments… I wonder if you WILL be able to use bigger drives, but only be able to use them in 20 gig partitions.
    This could be pretty interesting.

  6. Hi, my hardrive came with the full version of hexix, i had to format it and nows its gone, however, the 20GB drive formatted only has 13GB free, what am i missing or is this normal?

  7. my best freind has two 160gb hdds on his 360 in 20gb partitions w/ full xBox1 operating system support. he also has windows mobile installed. i am not a very good liar, am i…

  8. so i’m confused and new to the hacking world, but with this would I be able to say, um save movies from my computer to my harddrive, or emulators, is that what this is for is is it for something else that I am not getting

  9. there is a way to use a computer hdd on an xb360
    but only maxter 120gb and you have to have the firmware from an original xb360 120gb hdd to flash to the maxter much cheaper i believe

  10. you all cant keep a post straight, i get absolutly nothing from all this jabber..
    Question Can i install a larger HD in the Original HD Case. SATA i presume, but any special formating? firmware? flash it?? can some one post some good info

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