15 thoughts on “LEGO announces NXT beta testers… officially

  1. You already got your hack of the day, and hackaday is a blog with a certain target audience. After delivering a hack on any given day I don’t see the harm in posting other news that readers might find interesting. You don’t have to read what you don’t like anyway, no one’s forcing you.

  2. Too bad they set the age restriction at 18. I’m a 17-year-old HS student who does a lot of work with LEGO as an educational medium at my school. I would’ve loved to acquire a set to test out for them.

  3. we both know someone on the committee did some googling, found the sex bots on hackaday, and deemed us all too irreverant for the hype phase of their product launch.

    are there any had readers that have been accepted? post something anonymously and give use all the dirt on the new hardware.

  4. The old rcx brick was plenty powerful to do all kinds of things. Once you replace the firmware. I’ve seen a lego mindstorms bot balance wheels like a segway and follow a line.

    It just used homebrew sensors, and much more efficient, capable firmware.

    Hopefully this will have a decent amount of IO, or at least a way to access it. 3 outs and 3 ins isnt enough.

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