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  1. @1: So you have access to line out and the serial data lines amongst lots of other things. Just check out http://pinouts.ru/data/ipod_pinout.shtml
    For example, if you wanted to make your own in-car iPod player that connects through some sort of docking station insted of the headphones connector…or whatever else you can think of… the possibilities are endlesss….

  2. This looks like a wonderful universal interface. Give the end user all the interface points and let them take what they need. Not to mention makes mass production much easier. Only one part to make, rather than 4 or 5 different assemblies for different purposes.

    I wish there was something similar for the older iPaqs.

    Dedicated-purpose cables are sooooo 1990’s man… :)

  3. no offense to hackaday, I love your stuff, but a lot of the ipod hacks are worthless. this one seems to have real viability, not least because of its ability to interface with homebrew devices, but wow…how many chargers does a given ipod need?

  4. #1, congrats on being the first to be so blatantly clueless.

    You will never know what the point of getting to all the pins is because you couldn’t see past your fairly pedestrian (and obvious) goal of getting the first post.

    Having crossed that particular street, you found yourself not knowing why you crossed it in the first place and plead ignorance to the topic at hand.

    Quite sad, really, but you did make the first post, didn’t you?

    I personally think this stuff is what hacking is all about.
    I love seeing stuff accessed and utilized in non-standard ways and applaud these efforts.

    Luddites be damned sir.

    Luddites be damned.

  5. #8, that was a zinger! i applaud you. personally, i’ve been toying with the idea of building a building a dock with multiple functions, like A/V out and a remote control interface using my existing home theater universal remote. I find this particular project to be very beneficial. thanks, hackaday.

  6. I have a use. I’m trying to get a custom iPod installation in an Audi. Ideally, the use of a standard iPod dock set inside the credit card holder is my goal. Problem: The std. dock only passes through power and USB/Firewire information. To enable the steering wheel controls I need all functions passed through.

    Is there anyone out there capable of re-wiring a standard iPod dock to this end?

    I am willing to supply dock, and pay.


  7. This looks quite promising, but I want to ask…
    Can a simple splitter cable be constructed (1 male into ipod providing 2 female input sockets) without other necessary electronics?
    My application: I recently bought an italk-pro voice recorder from Griffin to use with my ipod classic 80G. I want to record for more than 1.5hrs of battery life that it allows (recording is power-hungry as opposed to playback), but it is taking up the ipod’s one-and-only 30-pin slot, and it has no pass-through, so it can’t be charged while recording.

    I thought I had just purchased an elegant solution in an iLuv i604 Li-ion battery dock with its own pass through. When I tested it out, the italk “appears” to record when plugged into the iLuv unit’s pass-through socket, but playback reveals blank recordings, so it is apparently not wired to pass through for audio recording purposes (or maybe simultaneously charging and recording audio is impossible for some reason?), only good for syncing and charging apparently. So If I had a 30-pin splitter cable (or box) with power plugged into one side and italk recorder in other, could that conceivably provide a complete pass-through and work?

    Any other sage wisdom to offer?

  8. The iPad has landed. But should campuses be throwing it a welcome party?

    At least two are. Seton Hill University, a Roman Catholic institution in Pennsylvania, announced this week that it would be giving Apple’s new computing tablet to each of its 2,000-odd full-time students when they arrive on campus in the fall. How about another italkbbschool

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