Computer controlled balsa router

computer controlled balsa router

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, [owen] sent along a link to his computer controlled router table for balsa cutting. This was his project before switching to lasers and sheetmetal. The write up starts with an interesting discussion about CNC not really being a magical tool or time saver. Sure, it can be pretty quick about cutting accurate pieces, but you still have to assemble it. Most likely all of the time you saved cutting was spent designing and prepping, which you could have spent cutting accurate parts by hand. Owen had extra time to spend designing since he was traveling for business. He does admit that the ability to quickly generate replacement parts has made him a more courageous pilot.

Other gems from yesterday’s comments: CNCZone is apparently the one-stop shop for all of you CNC hobbyist needs. [javamoose] pointed out that he’s nearly done with his scratch built CNC machine seen on bit-tech. [mike]’s FIRST robotics team is in the process of converting a punch tape driven Bridgeport NC mill. They found the owner of very helpful. [ivan256] recommended the plans found on John C Kleinbauer’s site.

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