Fun FON hacking

With FON now selling their “social routers” for $5 a piece it seems like a good time to mention Hack-A-Day reader [Steve Anderson]’s previous FON hacking experience. By purchasing one of FON’s subsidized routers you agree to participate in their network for at least one year. Steve had a look at the patched OpenWRT firmware FON uses and found the heartbeat system they use to monitor compliance. He then swapped out the firmware and spoofed the heartbeat with a cron job. This hack is an ethical trade off: remove FON’s firmware and violate their terms of service or keep FON’s firmware which probably violates your ISP’s TOS. In related WRT54G news: you can now flash Linux onto v5 and v6 routers without hardware modification. So if you’re at all worried, just buy one for the regular price off the shelf.

[thanks bird603568 and fucter]

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