Mikey Sklar on The Daily Show

mikey sklar

Yesterday’s The Daily Show (8-23-06) had a segment featuring friend of Hack-A-Day Mikey Sklar. You probably remember his projects: Making RFID proof pockets, embedding an RFID chip in his hand, and his current project the high-lighter, a trampoline controlled flame thrower. Mikey is on the road to Burning Man right now so he hasn’t seen the 2 minutes they got out of the 8.5 hours of filming. It can’t be all bad though: this screen cap is right before Samantha Bee unzips her pants and he got just as much screen time as Ray Kurzweil. You can download the torrent here. Mikey’s segment starts at 7 minutes; there is some more during the credits.

UPDATE: Dan Lane (also chipped) uploaded the short segment to YouTube. Video after the break.

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cd lamps, etc

team had cd lamp

We’re fond of Team Hack-A-Day, so I wanted to point out the AOL CD lamp that Team Hack-A-Day member Figgy built. CD lamps are a fairly popular project: If you don’t have a cold cathode, you could build a compact florescent version. I really like the clean look of Neil’s version. Russel Jone’s added an external power connector to his Antec case to power his lamp.

I wonder what will happen if I combine the power of the AOL cd tesla generator and the AOL CD throne…[Sorry about the lack of comments, They’ll be back ASAP.]

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nikon d200 gps adapter

d200 gps

Kevin Zeits sent in his diy Nikon d200 gps cable and hot shoe gps mount.
Nikon sells it for $150, but has a 3 to 6 month eta. Ok, it’s really just a ttl to rs-232 converter with proprietary connectors – but I love tagging photos with gps info. Now if only I could do this for my canon rebel xt. (It would take a firmware hack at the minimum) If you’re not blessed with a d200, check out gpsphotolinker.

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ultrasonic 3d mouse

3d ultrasonic mouse

Shane brennan sent in his groups final CE/EE senior design project. fre3space is an ir, ultrasonic 3d mouse. Three towers take ultrasonic sound measurements to calculate the position of the mouse. button clicks are transmitted in ir. A fpga developers kit ties it all together and provides the usb interface. a simple opengl application demonstrates the 3d capabilities of the system (vs 2d of the desktop variety).

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