SMS VCR Remote

You guys love those erricson phones. Mark sent in this SMS VCR remote control. I guess it’s an alternative to a TiVo, or handy for those one man sting operations. I started poking around the site and discovered a few more interesting projects. The toilet telemetry was a bit odd. I want the duck taped kitchen timer for my espresso bar.

16 thoughts on “SMS VCR Remote

  1. When I become an evil dictator, I’m going to ensure that the doomsday device has a large red timer just like that on it. However I’m going to make it go off when the timer reaches 00:23 to foil the secret agents’ last-minute showstoppers.

    Seriously, though, things with timers like that on them are just cool. Now if you could set the time with big toggle switches, it would be perfect.

  2. that TV radar was interesting, especially how he used the o-scope to find the optimum angle to point the antenna (at the business park, right?)

    great pointer using the ellipses on the map, thats the definition of ellipse y’know

  3. dammit, forgot to ask, could you use the sms remote that was posted a few weeks ago (the one that operates relays you control by texting) on any phone? i could pick up a pay-as-you-go phone cheaply and use it to open my trucks doors remotely.

    the thread there won’t get many views since its so old, and i would forget to check it regularly

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