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  1. Is it just me or is the RSS feed down? didn’t work yesterday or today and I checked the page today and all this new stuff was here. I think my work might be filtering but Im not sure.

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    Pretty snazzy. The non-opt isolated one seems a little fool hardy but whatever. It seems to me, though, that it would be a lot better just to use a pic with some kind of timer/display but I suppose that since in their app you have the computer there anyway, it isn’t worth the extra effort. Besides that the computer can probably do neat stuff like shot cueing etc.

    Anyway, pretty cool none-the-less. If anyone is interested in something similar for the D70 scroll to the bottom of this page… Haven’t seen a DIY version though: http://www.hapg.org/astrocables.htm

  3. nice mod, im still waiting for a decent radio slave control (reciever and transmitter) to control external flashes without cables.. the ‘real’ deal radio slaves are like $150 but ive heard you can make them out of RC cars and cordless phones

  4. This is a pretty good workaround. However… exposures longer than 8 or 10 seconds (depending on which camera you own and the quality of the image sensor) gets excessively noisy with a DSLR. Most pros reccomend against using digital cameras for exposures longer than 8 seconds, much less 30+.

    If you wanna expose for 60 seconds with your serial port, go buy a canon film body. Rebels are like $50 on ebay, and i picked up an ElanII for about $100 last month, and they are great cameras. This hack will still work on canon film cameras.

    Theres some things that digital isn’t better at!


  5. I did the same but i build also and
    a program for long exposures
    and counter in your screen.My programm
    cooperates with the Canon’s one ,so now
    you can have and Long exposures (more than
    30 sec) and counter into your computer
    (Canon screen consumed my battery easy)
    Also you have 14 com ports available so you
    can work your Canon in any Laptop!

    more informations to my site:


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