Environmental Monitoring

[Daniel Klien] sent me his thermd environmental monitoring project. It’s written in perl, but the cool part is the sheer number of supported devices. It’s pretty rare when a single developer is given test hardware so he can add support for it.

Sure, this isn’t a hardware hack, but temperature logging is one of those irritating problems of hardware hacking. I’ve got loads of uses for it – coffee roasting, house management, battery charging, monitoring for my EV motorcycle project.

14 thoughts on “Environmental Monitoring

  1. very, very nice hack – unfortunately I’ve never been a big fan of perl; I may have to learn because I could put a system like this to good use!

    slightly off topic, but I’d also like to say thanks to will for linking your project. I’ll be keeping an eye on that. I just hope that when you start the work you’ll be giving a detailed write up.

  2. Pretty cool… but total overkill for most hacking applications. A pic, a cheap LM temp sensor and maybe an external memory chip would be much simpler and far more versatile. Of course grabbing the data off of it can be a little more irritating than using one of these and having a whole harddrive to fill up with logs is handy. (hmmm… on my 100 gig HD I can track the temperature once a minute for the next 190 years or so.)

  3. along the same lines, i have two ds1631 sensors hooked up to my computer to measure indoor and outdoor temperatures, but the outdoor one goes off by about 30 degrees when the sun is shining on it. i’ve tried constructing a sort of breathable sun protecting shield for it but have had little success.
    are there any good (hopefully diy) solutions for this?

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