Happy Halloween Extra

[Update: pumpkin carved by Team Hack-A-Day member mastershake916]

We’ve got plenty of tricks around here, and I’ve got a treat coming up – you’ll hear about it in the next podcast.

[Ronald Schaten] sent me his USB LED fader. ATMega, PWM lit LEDs, he uses it to indicate status on his pvr.

[computerguru365] sent in his cell phone car charger turned USB cable

[steve] sent in this over the top C64DTV mod.

[Everett] sent along his button activated PSP shoulder lighting.Nice tiny soldering work for that on.

[Jorge] sent in his friends latest junk art metal lathe. Not an easy thing to build – Nice!

[gijs] sent me this crazy bent Casio SK-1. We’ve had a few of these on Hackaday before.

[seniorcheez] sent in his iPod shuffle dock with integrated power and tunecast.

8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Extra

  1. Alright, I just wanna make a quick comment referring to the days before the comment shut-down:

    WOW! Steve made a contribution!

    Lol. Just thought I’d say, I like that PSP mod, too.

  2. I’m wondering, that shuffle mod… I thought that most Car Stereo’s had an Audio In, allowing for higher quality audio, and cutting down the need for another weight in the car…

    I dont mean to flame, i mean i have an iPod Shuffle laying around with no battery, I’m hoping to replace the battery and use it as a car stereo memory stick xD

  3. > I thought that most Car Stereo’s had an Audio In

    Most factory car stereos made before 2001 (pre iPod) do not have any external audio-in. The few newer cars I’ve looked at have not had any (easily accessible) external aux-in. It can be assumed factory stereos with CD changer capability have some sort of audio-in, but it is usually tied to the proprietary changer interface and can be difficult to “break out” (not to mention usually having to tear up the dash to get to it).

    The Belkin Tunecast II is my current FM transmitter of choice (digital tuning, almost full FM freq range, external power, etc). Sounds good. Requires no modification to the vehicle. There’s a small shelf right below my radio where I put the transmitter and I hide all the extra cords in my unused ashtray.

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